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2021 Construction Updates

McCoy Road Improvements
April 6, 2021 Update
Please be advised that water service has been restored on McCoy Road, affecting homes between Reed Road and Lyon Drive. We recommend running cold water faucets to make sure your water is running clear before doing laundry or using hot water.

Fishinger Road Phase 2 Improvements
Surveying work is occurring along the section of Fishinger Road between Riverside Drive and Mountview Road, as part of design development work for the Fishinger Road Phase 2 Improvement Project. This work is expected to continue through the summer. Representatives from various consultant firms, including environmental, design and survey personnel from Arcadis, Lawhon and Associates, DHDC, and EMH&T will be collecting data along the public right-of-way and in some cases on private property fronting Fishinger. The affected property owners have been notified of this work via a mailed notice. These field personnel will not be versed in all the details associated with this project, they will simply be collecting information necessary for development of the project as directed by their project leads.

A public meeting will be scheduled in the fall, at which time residents will be invited to review the draft designs for both waterline and roadway improvements. Construction for this second phase of improvements on Fishinger Road is slated for 2023.

If you have any questions about the Fishinger Road Phase 2 Improvement Project, please contact the Engineering Division, by calling 614-583-5350 or via email, at [email protected].

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