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2022 Capital Improvement Program

Plans for the City’s 2022 Capital Improvement Program indicate the year will be another busy one for construction projects. Read on for a summary of what’s on the schedule:

Street Reconstruction Program
Street reconstruction projects are comprised of full pavement replacement, new curb and gutter and new driveway approaches. For 2022, the following streets are scheduled for this extensive maintenance and repair work, with an estimated cost of $1.9 million:

  • Bedford Road – between Cambridge Boulevard and King Avenue
  • Benderton Court – from the cul de sac to Rosebery Drive
  • Chelsea Road – from Roxbury Road to Cambridge Boulevard
  • Elderberry Court – from the cul de sac to Rosebery Drive
  • Cimmaron Road – from Zollinger Road to Swansea Road
  • Onandaga Drive – from Asbury Drive to Tremont Road
  • Rosebery Drive – from Benderton Court to Belrose Lane
  • Westminster Road – from Mt Holyoke Road to North Star Road

Street Maintenance Program
Sections of 16 streets are scheduled for street maintenance work, which comprises street resurfacing and spot curb and gutter repairs, per the following list, at an estimated cost of $1.4 million:

  • Baronsmede Court – from Stoneygate Lane to the cul de sac
  • Brixton Road – from Asbury Road to Mountview Road
  • Clairemont Road – from Lear Road to McCoy Road
  • Chelton Place – from Lytham Road to Middlesex Road
  • Eastcleft Drive – from Redding Road to Mountview Road
  • Edgehill Drive – from Lear Road to Lear Road
  • Hillside Drive – from Waltham Road to Cambridge Boulevard
  • Love Drive – from Glenrich Parkway to the dead end
  • Lyon Drive – from McCoy Road to Langston Drive
  • Lytham Court – from Lytham Road to the cul de sac
  • Northam Road – from Brandon Road to North Star Road
  • North Star Road – from Lane Avenue to Fishinger Road
  • Onandaga Drive – from Leeds Road to Asbury Drive
  • Riverhill Road – from Fishinger Road to Kirkham Road
  • Shelbourne Lane – from the dead-end south of McCoy Road to the cul de sac
  • Waddington Road – from Ardwick Road to the cul de sac
  • Watergate Court – from Stoneygate Lane to the cul de sac

Long awaited improvements to Fishinger Road begin in 2022, enhancing the connectivity and aesthetics of this major thoroughfare. Phase I runs from Mountview Road to Tremont Road, with full street reconstruction, new curb and gutter, improved LED streetlights, new sidewalks and a shared-use path. The City has secured grant funding of up to $4.2 million to support this $6.9 million project. Phase II – scheduled for 2023 – will complete the project, running from Mountview to Riverside Drive. Concurrent with these improvements, a new waterline will be installed along this entire section of Fishinger.

The final phase of work on McCoy Road – resurfacing and spot curb and gutter repairs, between Riverside Drive and Woodbridge Road – will be undertaken in 2022. This follows 2021 waterline replacement and resurfacing work between Woodbridge Road and Kenny Road.

In other highlights:

  • The 2023 Sustainable Sewer Solutions program will focus on manhole rehabilitation, and lateral lining in the area that includes Glenmere Road up to Johnston Road.
  • A new, five-foot-wide sidewalk will be installed on the west side of North Star Road between Zollinger Road and Fishinger Road.
  • The Wakefield Forest neighborhood north of the High School will undergo some sidewalk improvements, including a new section on the north side of Trentwood Road between Northwest Boulevard and North Star Road, and a new section on the west side of Mt Holyoke Road, between Trentwood Road and Zollinger Road.
  • The fifth of five cycles for sidewalk maintenance projects across the City will be undertaken.
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