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2022 Popular Annual Financial Report

The 2022 Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) is now available on our website, providing an overview of your City’s financial health. Taxes and finances are a complicated thing on a personal level, let alone at the City or State level, and the PAFR is our attempt to give you the “CliffsNotes” version of a much larger and more complex document—the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.

Within this document, you can find details of our typical revenues and expenditures, with a three-year comparison provided to highlight any trends. On the revenue side, the story is definitely good news, with total revenues ticking upward, in most part thanks to increasingly strong income tax revenues.

This year’s PAFR includes:

  • An update on the UA Community Center project, which moved into high gear following approval of a ballot issue by approximately 80% of voters. As the detailed design process nears its end, the final vision for this exciting project is coming into focus, including a more detailed funding plan based on a revised project budget.
  • Details on passage of the 10th consecutive Police and Fire Pension Levy – which passed by approximately 78%, enabling the City to continue its provision of the best possible safety services, while ensuring it can meet its pension obligations for our police, fire and EMS professionals.
  • A spotlight on the Parks & Recreation’s financial assistance program – PLAY UA – which has been designed to support community members who face financial barriers that could prevent them from participating in the department’s programs.

Another impressive area worth noting is the progress made in the community by the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Since the City expanded the CIP in 2014, approximately $88 million has been invested in our streets, sidewalks, waterlines, bridges, storm and sanitary sewer lines, and park improvements. The PAFR includes a high-level overview and monies spent for each category as well as further explanation on how capital investments are funded.

You can view the online version of the 2022 PAFR by clicking here. Hard copies will be available at City buildings and the UA Libraries in the near future.

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