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Early in February 2019, City Council convened for a retreat session over one-and-a-half days to work on a strategic plan and goals for the organization for the coming one-to-two years. From this process, Council developed an overarching City Vision to which all strategies and goals would aspire:

“Upper Arlington’s community pride, thoughtful planning, collaborative approach, and financial stability are the cornerstones of our success. Together we meet the health, safety, recreational, educational and cultural needs of our citizens, businesses and families, while nurturing connections, volunteerism and leadership.”

Seven critical success factors were established, from which specific goals were identified.

At the April 8, 2019 City Council Meeting, Council approved Resolution 5-2019, formalizing the vision statement and associated goals as their priorities for 2019.



WHEREAS,               City Council met on February 5 and 6, 2019 to hold a Strategic Planning Work Session, and
WHEREAS,               it is the role of City Council to set a vision for the City and goals to achieve that vision, and
WHEREAS,               as part of this Strategic Planning Work Session City Council discussed their individual and collective visions for Upper Arlington, and
WHEREAS,               City Council drafted the attached vision statements and goals associated with each statementas a guide to prioritizing projects and objectives;  

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVEDby the Council of the City of Upper Arlington, Ohio:

SECTION 1.              City Council hereby establishes the attached vision statements and associated goals as their priorities for 2019.
SECTION 2.              That the City Manager is hereby charged with working to align the work of staff to achieve the goals and objectives consistent with City Council’s vision for the community.
SECTION 3.              That this resolution shall take effect at the earliest date allowed by law.


Inviting Public Gathering Places: We provide welcoming and attractive community spaces, both indoors and outdoors, that enrich lives by providing opportunities to gather, celebrate, learn, exercise, and enjoy the natural environment.

  1. Complete a Feasibility Study for Indoor Recreation Options
  2. Prioritize and implement projects identified in the Parks Comprehensive Plan

Intentional Development: Our thoughtful planning and facilitation efforts ensure that our homes meet the needs and wants of today’s residents at all stages in their lives, while preserving residential neighborhoods and existing home values. We guide the evolution of our commercial districts so that they provide the mix of professional offices, amenities, shops, and restaurants that serve our citizens and support the City’s strong financial standing, while assuring attractive, accessible, walkable built environments that serve as centers of community.

  1. Review Options for Big Box Parcels
  2. Improve the Process and Design Standards for Construction
  3. Review the City’s Economic Develop Strategy
  4. Conduct a study and community engagement process for the Lane Avenue business area, taking into consideration the current Master Plan as well as a review of zoning and design standards and opportunities for streetscape enhancement to promote the area as a pedestrian friendly, community destination.

Safe and Connected Community: We support and enhance the safety and wellbeing of our citizens through our exceptional, forward-thinking, safety services, and the provision of convenient, multimodal access between neighborhoods to parks, public spaces, schools, and our business districts.

  1. Accelerate the Construction of Sidewalks and Connector Pathways

Fiscal Strength: A strong financial foundation is fundamental to Upper Arlington’s health, vibrancy, and attractiveness as a place in which to live, play, and work. This is attributable to our exceptional fiscal policies, detailed forecasting, routine cost effectiveness assessments, and proactive efforts to diversify our business base.

Quality Infrastructure and Services: The City is committed to providing its citizens with high-quality municipal services, amenities, and infrastructure that support a connected, evolving, high-functioning community.

  1. Select a new City Manager

Healthy Community: Residents of all ages and abilities enjoy access to a broad range of active and passive recreational opportunities that enrich their minds, health, and wellness. The community attracts community health providers that are easily accessible and offer a full range of medical services.

Collaborative Partnerships: A foundation to our success is our ability to collaborate with our community partners, such as the Schools, Library, civic groups, churches, service organizations, neighboring municipalities, and regional entities, to provide the best possible services and recreational and leisure opportunities in a responsive and cost-effective manner.

  1. Create Public/Private Partnership Policy Guidelines

    City Council desires to hear residents’ concerns and viewpoints. Please complete the webform below to contact members of City Council.

    The City also offers a convenient means for residents to report issues such as potholes, broken streetlights, property maintenance issues and parks damage through our UA Click2Fix smartphone app, available from AppleApp or GooglePlay.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not an emergency reporting system. Requests are addressed during regular work hours of 8 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday. If you need to report an emergency situation, please call 9-1-1.

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