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Leaf Collection

City’s Leaf Collection Program On the Horizon

The City will provide leaf collection services beginning the week of October 17, and running through early December, weather permitting.

Residents are advised to refrain from placing leaves at the curb until one week before the start of the program AND to stop at least one week before the program ends. The timeframe for collection each year does not change since the Public Works Division must fit this service in with other seasonal services.

A Leaf Collection Tracking Map is available on the Leaf Collection section of our website so that you can follow the progress of collection crews in your area and anticipate when they are likely to be on your street.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Residents may begin to place leaves at the curb beginning Saturday, October 8.
  • Place loose-raked leaves close to the edge of the street on the tree lawn, not in the street.
  • Leaf piles should extend no further than two feet behind the curb.
  • Do not place grass clippings, rocks, sticks or other objects in leaf piles – please continue to use the weekly yard waste collection service to dispose of other yard waste debris.
  • Keep piles away from signposts, light poles, trees and mailboxes.
  • Do not block storm sewers as this can increase the chance of flooding in the event of heavy rain.
  • Parked vehicles should be at least 15 feet away from either side of leaf piles so that collection crews have safe access to the leaves with their truck and leaf machine.

When the Leaf Collection Program is not in effect, residents should place leaves in approved biodegradable bags or trash cans marked as “Yard Waste,” and put them out for collection on your regular Solid Waste/Yard Waste collection day. Or residents can take advantage of free drop-off of yard waste at the Ohio Mulch facility at 4120 Roberts Road. Please call 614-921-9330 or visit to check the hours of operation.

Click here for additional program details.

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