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Community Awards Nomination

2022 Community Awards

Each year, the City seeks nominations of the many worthy individuals and groups that have helped make our community better in some way, through our annual Community Awards Program. We have mixed things up a little for the 2022 awards, adding a Community Relations award in place of Safety, and incorporating a new diversity element to our Business Award.



Recognizes a UA business that is actively involved in the community or brings other significant benefits through its presence. This could be by utilizing environmentally friendly business practices, through support and participation in community service projects, by providing financial or in-kind support for various causes, or as a leader in workplace diversity.

Community Enrichment

Presented to an individual or group that has spearheaded or is actively involved in a project or program that enhances the City’s quality of life. Such programs can be in a variety of areas, including the arts, education, recreation, cultural diversity and enhancement of the natural environment

Community Relations

Presented to an individual or group that is actively involved in programming that increases a sense of belonging for all members of our community, enhances knowledge, understanding and appreciation of diversity within UA, raises awareness of or improves the overall health and safety of the community, or for a significant one- time act to help others in the community during their moment of need.


Presented to an individual or couple who continue to be actively involved in their community through volunteer service, taking a leadership or participatory role in community programs, and setting a shining example for other seniors to follow.


Presented to an individual or small group of youth actively involved in volunteer service, or the participation in and development of community programs to benefit others and setting an example to other members of UA’s youth.


Complete and submit the nomination form below.

Deadline – Friday, January 20, 2023


Click here for a or a printable PDF nomination form.

    Deadline - Friday, January 20, 2023

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    Nomination Deadline - Friday, January 20, 2023

    Nominations are submitted to the City Manager's Office, City of Upper Arlington, 3600 Tremont Road, Upper Arlington OH 43221. Phone: 614-583-5040

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