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Community Relations Committee Call For Applicants

Community Relations Committee Call for Applicants

An area of focus brought to the City’s attention thanks to the work of Equal UA, is a desire to advance Upper Arlington as a place that is welcoming, cohesive and inclusive. The process began in 2019 with two workshops and an online survey. In the fall, Council formed a temporary committee to develop a framework for next steps. In early December, the temporary committee recommended that Council form a Community Relations Committee.

To that end, Upper Arlington City Council is currently seeking applicants interested in serving on the new Community Relations Committee, which is expected to be formed in April of 2020. The deadline for applications is Sunday, March 15.

The Community Relations Committee will be comprised of seven members who are residents of the City, with the City Manager and Community Affairs Director serving as ex officio members. Members will reflect a mix of representation, such as age, gender, ethnicity and tenure as a resident. Members will serve four-year terms, however three of the newly selected members will initially serve a two-year term so that terms are staggered in future years. While the meeting frequency will be set by the Committee, it is initially expected to meet monthly beginning at 4 pm on a weekday to be determined (excluding Friday).

The Committee’s purpose is to promote understanding, mutual respect and a sense of belonging among all residents to affirm the value of each individual and foster a culture of shared community. It will work to identify, encourage and facilitate the implementation of programs and activities that support the following primary goals and objectives:

  • Welcome | Connect | Belong
  • Educate | Inform | Enlighten
  • Gather | Share | Celebrate

To help achieve these goals, the Committee will welcome and encourage meeting attendance, support and participation in initiatives developed by the Committee from representatives and civic entities that are also working to further Upper Arlington as a place that is welcoming through diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, education and training opportunities, community programs and events.

Please note, community service of this nature is voluntary. Keeping your volunteerism local can bring the greatest reward because you get to see and enjoy first-hand the impacts of your efforts. If you have been pondering on your next step in giving back to your community and you wish to be part of this effort to advance Upper Arlington as a place that is welcoming, cohesive and inclusive, we encourage you to apply to serve on the Community Relations Committee.

Click here for more details or click here to complete an application form. If you have questions, please contact Community Affairs Director, Emma Speight, at

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