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Devon Pool Improvements Update

Devon Pool Improvements Update

As our community gathered last summer to celebrate the opening of the new Tremont Pool, the Parks & Recreation Department had also been working on a series of improvements at Devon Pool. For the 2017 swim season, this included the relining of the diving well and replacement of some diving equipment. For 2018, new furnishings and shade structures were purchased for the facility, and some waterline improvements made to the pool filter buildings.

Plans were also developed for making significant improvements to the pool’s indoor facilities, with the community invited to participate in a multi-phased design review process. From this effort, it was determined that the City’s best option was to demolish the old facilities and replace them with a new, more functional layout. By early 2018, a design had been finalized, construction bids issued, and Council approval to proceed was obtained early summer.

With the 2018 swim season behind us, work on this project has begun. Demolition of the old facility is nearing its end, making way for a building that will offer a significant upgrade to the pool amenities. This new facility will include showers, lockers, baby changing stations, a family changing room, space for staff, expanded storage, and an improved concessions stand.

Once this project is complete, one last task of note remains for Devon Pool—to replace the buildings that house the pool’s mechanics. This project will be included as a priority item within the parks Capital Improvement Program project list.

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