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Devon Pool Phase III Update

Devon Pool Phase III Update

Devon Pool has been undergoing a series of improvements in recent years, to bring the community’s oldest outdoor pool facility up to modern day standards. This began in 2017 with improvements to the diving well and continued in 2018-19 with replacement of the pool house.

The third phase of upgrades include replacement of the mechanical buildings, aging concrete decking and mechanical equipment, as well as installation of a new perimeter fence that matches fencing installed as part of the pool house replacement. A fourth and final phase will address the toddler pool.

Currently, the mechanical equipment is housed in two buildings that are in poor condition. Emergency repairs have been made to stabilize them, but after many years of use, they will be replaced by a single building designed to match the exterior of the pool house. Additionally, several critical pieces of the pool mechanical systems will be replaced. These items are also nearing the end of their life expectancy, and since they are large and difficult to install, it is prudent to replace them in conjunction with the building replacement.

On April 13, City Council authorized the City Manager to enter into contract with Setterlin Building Company to complete the work. The project cost is $1.43 million, including a 10% contingency. As of mid-April, these improvements are scheduled to begin this fall, following this year’s swim season with completion by the start of next year’s season.

If you have questions about this project, please contact Parks Planning & Development Manager, Jeff Anderson, at 614-583-5300.

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