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Tremont Pool Swim

End of Season Pool Adjustments

Thanks to the hard work and flexibility of the City’s Parks & Recreation Department, the community is able to enjoy an outdoor pool season this summer—albeit abridged—while some other communities made the difficult decision to keep their pools closed.

As the doors opened for the season at Devon Pool and Tremont Pool, the department knew that some scheduling adjustments might be in order once they had a better understanding of residents’ needs and usage patterns, and as they received suggestions from patrons.

We are excited to announce that the department has been able to increase the open swim capacity at both pools, from 100 to 125. As the temperatures soar and there’s no end in sight, this should be welcome news for families seeking some pool time.

Some scheduling adjustments will take effect August 9 based on usage and demand:

  • Devon Pool closes on August 16
  • Effective Sunday, August 9, Open Swim sessions will close at Tremont Pool for all 7-9 pm sessions
  • Tremont Pool late season session schedule begins on Wednesday, August 19
  • Tremont Pool closes on Labor Day, September 7

All social distancing protocols remain in place.

Thanks to a generous donor to the UA Community Foundation, at the start of the season the Foundation was able to provide discounts for pool admissions through its Recreation Scholarship Fund. Due to popular demand the original funds were depleted, and the Foundation is seeking other residents interested in donating to this fund in order for this program to continue. Full details can be accessed at

We hope you enjoy the two UA pools this summer. Full schedule details, guidelines and FAQs can be found here.

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