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Invasive New Plant Species To Upper Arlington

Invasive New Plant Species to Upper Arlington

A new invasive plant species has found its way into Upper Arlington’s parks. Ranunculus Ficaria–better known as Lesser Celandine or fig buttercup­–is a dense, dark green groundcover with heart-shaped leaves, and yellow flowers with eight petals. It covers forest floors or creek banks during the early spring months. The Friends of UA Parks volunteers have already seen these plants along the banks at Turkey Run next to Thompson Park and Cardiff Woods Park.

As a densely growing plant, it can displace native forest wildflowers, which in turn negatively impacts the wildlife and pollinators that depend on these wildflowers as a food source.

The City is asking residents to be on the lookout for these plants and to report any sightings in natural areas within our parks to the Parks & Forestry Division, who will coordinate its removal.

You can either contact Parks & Forestry by clicking here to complete our online contact form, or by calling 614-583-5340. If you are interested in volunteering with the Friends of UA Parks—which frequently schedules invasive species removal efforts within our parks—visit to learn more and to get involved.

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