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McCoy Road Project Overview

McCoy Road Project Overview

Update to the McCoy Road Improvement Project:

We appreciate the community’s input on the McCoy Road Reconstruction project. Please be advised that the project has been delayed until 2021, in part due to funding constraints in the Capital Improvement Program for 2020, but also to allow for additional review and resident input. The Public Meeting on Thursday, October 17 at 6 pm will still be held to discuss the benefits of road diets and gather additional feedback on the corridor from the community, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

McCoy Road is a major east-west connector for the City of Upper Arlington with direct connections to Thompson Park, St. Andrew’s Church and School, Windermere Elementary School, and Reed Road Park nearby. Movement of traffic and people is of vital importance to the community and keeping McCoy Road a mostly residential street is important to the people living there. The goal of the McCoy Road Improvements project is to replace the aging infrastructure, including the waterline, and calm vehicle traffic.

The recommendation from the Engineering Division, along with majority support in the recent poll of McCoy Road options, is to implement a road diet. This converts the 4 lane undivided roadway to a two-lane roadway with a two-way left turn lane. Benefits include reduced vehicle speeds, improved mobility and access, reduced collisions and injuries, and improved livability and quality of life. Several studies have found that road diets significantly reduce travel speeds and can increase adjacent residential property values. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to add dedicated bike lanes eastbound and westbound. Additionally, high visibility pedestrian crosswalks will be installed while the road diet reduces pedestrian crossing conflicts.

If implemented, intersections will be evaluated during the design to look for opportunities to reduce delays at the signalized intersections while also providing safer turning movements for vehicles. Early in the design process, a public meeting will be held to gather additional input from the residents along McCoy Road. This will provide the design team with valuable resident daily experiences to see where additional improvement opportunities may be along the roadway.

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