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Options For Expanding Bicycle Connections On McCoy Road

Options for Expanding Bicycle Connections on McCoy Road

McCoy Rd Option 1
McCoy Rd Option 1
McCoy Rd Option 2

As one year of Capital Improvement Program projects turn from planning and design to construction, our Engineering Division is already hard at work looking at the year that will follow. In 2020, the section of McCoy Road from Kenny Road to Mountview Road is slated for a new waterline—which is also triggering roadway resurfacing, as well as spot curb and gutter repairs—and initial design options are under development.

Whenever a significant project is on the horizon for one of the City’s connector streets, Staff takes a detailed look at what currently exists and considers any opportunities for improvement. In the case of McCoy Road, as one of Upper Arlington’s primary east/west connectors—reaching all the way to the Scioto River and with direct connections to Thompson Park and St. Andrew’s Church and School, with other community destinations such as Windermere Elementary School and Reed Road Park close by—it has long been considered a viable candidate for expanded bicycle connectivity.

Residents’ desire for enhanced bicycle and pedestrian access in and around the community continues to increase. Most recently, the survey conducted for the 2018 Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Plan ranked expanded walking and biking trails as a top priority for the City to pursue to better meet the community’s recreational needs.

To that end, the Engineering Division is considering incorporating dedicated bike lanes in each direction, by reducing the roadway to a three-lane “road diet” configuration, with the middle lane serving as a turn lane. This approach has already been implemented with success on Tremont Road, running south from Kenny Road to Zollinger Road. In addition to providing expanded access for bicyclists, these road configurations slow traffic, create safer crossing options for pedestrians, and moves motorists wishing to turn left out of travel lanes.

Before a final determination is made, the City is seeking resident input on the two primary options—to proceed with the road diet and addition of bike lanes OR to make no changes. An online survey is available now, with diagrams depicting the two options. The survey is available through Friday, August 23 and can be accessed here.

We encourage you to take a look and let us know what you think of the options. Once input has been received, the division will move to more detailed design work, with plans to host an Open House on this project in fall, so please watch for updates.

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