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Municipal Services Center Garden

A message from Council President & Vice President

We are all living through unique and unsettling times, brought on by COVID-19, economic uncertainty, a politically charged environment and unrest over systemic racism. These issues are magnifying our emotions, draining our energies and challenging our patience. We are seeing the impacts of these stressors on daily interactions with one another, most notably through various social media platforms.

At this time more than any other, we need to treat each other respectfully and with kindness, no matter how greatly our opinions may differ. When we listen to hear instead of listening to speak, the doors to better communication can be opened, barriers come down and perhaps we can find some common ground.

Ultimately, each of us is entitled to our own opinions on the issues of the day, and we all have the right to make our opinions known when we feel called to do so. But when we choose to share those opinions in a public forum like social media, a responsibility comes with that choice.

We are a caring and proud community and our goal is for UA to become even more welcoming and inclusive. A great and respected community like Upper Arlington does not accept or condone racism, bigotry or hurtful acts under any circumstances. Let’s make our community greater.

Kip Greenhill, President of Council

Brendan King, Vice President of Council

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