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Message of Support for the AAPI Community

Dear Upper Arlington Community,

We are saddened by the recurring rhetoric and crimes against our minority brothers and sisters. The senseless acts of violence that occurred on March 16 are just several of many recent attacks against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) population in the United States. Last year, Upper Arlington City Council declared racism as a public health crisis, and since then we have continued to see how failure to acknowledge hatred towards communities of color has put countless lives in danger.

Although the definition of hate crimes varies from state to state, there is no question that the tragic event in Atlanta on March 16 is the latest in a series of assaults on minorities that are growing in both numbers and ferocity across the country.

What we fail to condemn, we condone. Hate-filled acts are not representative of the majority community – the individuals who commit them are outliers. However, when we fail to call out these cruel and destructive acts, they become more commonplace. When we fail to fully hold the responsible individuals accountable for their actions, we embolden others to commit similar acts.

We recognize the AAPI community needs more than just condolences and solidarity right now. We can no longer fuel the flames of interpersonal and structural racism. Action must be taken to make sure the cycle of these incidents is finally put to a stop. As a city, Upper Arlington is committed to not only promoting a more diverse and accepting community, but one where all of our residents can feel safe and protected.

Words and actions are powerful – let us use them to help unite our communities not divide them with harmful acts. Join with the Community Relations Committee as we work to affect positive change in our community.


Upper Arlington City Council
Upper Arlington Community Relations Committee
City of Upper Arlington Administration

For resources regarding how to take action in solidarity with the AAPI community, visit: //

The City of Upper Arlington Police Division’s DEI officers are working with representatives of Asian American Community Services as part of their efforts to better understand and serve members of the AAPI community. If you have questions or wish to discuss an issue with them, please contact Officer Emanual Boamah ([email protected]) or Officer Zachary Sorosiak ([email protected]), or call 614-583-5150.

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