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Municipal Income Tax Filing Notice

All Upper Arlington residents are required to file an income tax return or a tax exemption form with the City by the mid-April deadline each year, regardless of whether any tax is due. Unfortunately, not all residents comply, despite receiving notices of this requirement.

The City’s income tax administrator, the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA), has recently mailed administrative subpoena letters to Upper Arlington taxpayers that did not respond to the Non-Filing Income Tax Notice that was sent before the Subpoena was issued.

Taxpayers can simply send RITA the documents listed on the letter via:

Online e-file returns or exemptions//

By Mail: Attn: Compliance Department 198, Regional Income Tax Agency, PO BOX 470538, Broadview Heights, OH  44147-0538

By Fax: 440-922-3510


More details about Administrative Subpoena’s can be found at //

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