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Prohibition Of Short-Term Home Or Apartment Rentals Made Permanent

Prohibition of Short-Term Home or Apartment Rentals Made Permanent

As various trends brought about by smartphone apps sweep across the nation, the impacts—both positive and negative—aren’t always apparent at the onset. In the case of private home and apartment short-term rentals—which are on the rise in the Central Ohio region—while previously determined to be a prohibited use, the City enacted a one-year prohibition within residential districts in the spring of 2018, further clarifying the prohibited use and to allow the City to better understand the trends and to monitor their impacts in other communities.

Some of the challenges associated with short-term rentals arise from their transient nature—increased traffic and parking issues, noise, and safety concerns for surrounding families. Trends have shown an increase in the purchase of properties by some investors, specifically for short-term rental use. With minimal oversight, the negative impacts on the neighbors can increase, including inadequate care of the property. Additionally, without proper oversight by the City, various safety issues—emergency egress, the presence of appropriate lighting, signage and smoke detectors—could be overlooked, thereby creating an unsafe environment for paying guests.

The “sunset” provision on the temporary ban was set to expire in May of 2019. As a result, City Council recently revisited this issue and accepted public comments through the hearing process.

Council ultimately approved Ordinance 22-2019, making the prohibition permanent to protect the residential nature of our neighborhoods. It applies to any rental of less than 30 days in duration. It also prohibits bed and breakfast establishments, apartment hotels, and hotels and motels within the community’s residential districts.

If you have questions about Ordinance 22-2019, please contact the Community Development Department, at 614-583-5070. Additional details can also be found by clicking here.

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