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Proposed Zoning Amendments to Office District off Henderson Road

The City has been undertaking a public engagement and review process relative to possible zoning revisions for a portion of the ORC Office and Research District located on the south side of Henderson Road. The concept under consideration would be to rezone this area as a Planned Mixed Office District (PMOD) with the intent of retaining a significant amount of office space within the district at a minimum while allowing for a limited number of additional uses, such as residential and retail, as future redevelopment projects occur.

This review process has included a series of community meetings so that Staff could share insight on what is being considered and obtain community input and suggestions for accomplishing the best possible outcome for the surrounding neighborhoods, the Henderson Road corridor and the community as a whole.

The emerging zoning revision proposal was reviewed by the Board of Zoning and Planning in October, with the Board voting to recommend the revisions to City Council, with a
condition to further consider a building height transition for the lakefront properties

Council’s review of this proposal is scheduled to occur in the month of November, per the following schedule:

  • 7 pm, Monday, November 7 – 1st Reading, Public Hearing
  • 7 pm, Monday, November 14 – 2nd Reading, Public Hearing
  • 7 pm, Monday, November 21 – 3rd Reading, Public Hearing, Council Action

For full details on what is being proposed, please visit our website, at, where you can find information under Community Projects.

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