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Protecting Our Parks and Resident Safety

Our community’s parks are a much-loved part of UA life. From our larger, bustling community parks to the smaller pocket parks, residents can choose to be part of the action or to just get close to nature. These public spaces are for everyone’s enjoyment but with that access comes a level of responsibility to make sure our parks are safe, free of litter and left as you found them.

Unfortunately, every once in a while, some park users take it upon themselves to add or make changes to park features. In the past, this has included building dirt ramps and obstacles for dirt bike riders, hanging hammocks between trees, even installing a zipline. At best, impromptu additions like these can be an inconvenience for other park users. At worst, people can get hurt, when an unsuspecting walker trips over the dirt mound, or a young child attempts to climb up into a hammock and it breaks free from the tree.

As stewards of our public parks, when our Parks & Recreation Department plans for new or updated park amenities, they undergo a detailed and lengthy design and review process.
They must ensure that any new equipment meets rigorous safety standards, and take into account accessibility concerns, proper, secure placement and the appropriateness of each piece for its intended use.

The City has a series of rules and regulations for park users within City Code, which are as follows:

    (A) The following rules and regulations are ordained and established for the conduct in the parkettes, public parks, playgrounds and open space areas of the city.
    (1) No person shall cut, injure, deface, remove or disturb any tree, shrub, building, fence, sign, bench or other structure, apparatus or property; or pick, cut, or remove any shrub, bush or flower; or mark or write upon any building, fence, bench or other structure.
    (13) No person or group of persons shall erect, place or cause to be placed, alter or cause to be altered any equipment, facilities or grounds in the city-owned parkette, public park, playground or open space areas without special written permission from the director of parks and recreation. 

We love that everyone thinks of our parks as an extension of their own yards. But it is very important that we respect these public spaces. Please help us keep our parks safe–do not add or alter equipment.  

If you see that any altered or added park amenities that don’t appear to be sanctioned and installed by the City, please let us know. Report concerns using our UA Click2Fix app, email [email protected], or call 614-583-5300. 

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