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Ready For A Change?

Ready for a Change?

The City is committed to taking a proactive approach in its efforts to communicate with residents on important issues and to seek your feedback. But we also recognize that our newsletters and emails can get lost among the many communications materials vying for your attention. So, starting in the New Year, we are trying something a little different. And a little more obvious!

 “Ready for a Change?” signs will be appearing at specific sites as certain proposed development projects, park improvements or significant road construction projects are up for a review. Typically, these signs will be placed in the public right-of-way or in our parks two weeks in advance of a scheduled public meeting or hearing, or as a heads up to residents that a study process is in its beginning stages. Examples of projects that would trigger the placement of a Ready for a Change? sign are:

Community Development
Development plans
Plat amendments
Major subdivision proposals
Major site plans
Appeals (commercial)
Variances (commercial)

Design of major
CIP projects
Traffic studies

Parks & Recreation
Playground replacements
Shelter replacements
Changes in park configurations
New park facilities

What Happens When a Ready for a Change? Sign Appears?

If you see a Ready for a Change? sign and you want to know more, sign inserts above and below the main sign will let you know if a public meeting has been scheduled. You will also find a website address——where you will find a brief overview and/or a link to another webpage created specifically for the proposed project.

If you have any questions about this new approach or would like details on what’s being considered when a sign appears, please contact the City Manager’s Office, at 614-583-5040.

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