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Steps Taken Since The River Ridge/Kingsdale West Study Was Completed

Steps Taken Since the River Ridge/Kingsdale West Study Was Completed

From the fall of 2017 into mid-2018, the City took a detailed look at the River Ridge/Kingsdale West neighborhood through a formal study process. The purpose was to identify ways to preserve and strengthen this area through thoughtful steps that are reflective of extensive input from residents. Areas of focus included housing trends, neighborhood connectivity, pedestrian access, safety and traffic.

In June of 2018, City Council passed a Resolution accepting the final report and subsequent implementation steps. In the months since, a lot has been accomplished:

  • A 2018 zoning code change allows carport enclosures to occur within the River Ridge neighborhood without a variance. The first such carport enclosure, is under construction on Cranford Road.
  • A 2018 zoning code change restricts the maximum home height to 28 feet in the River Ridge neighborhood, a reduction of seven feet from the previous allowance. Several new homes under construction within the area, will meet or fall below the new limit (original plans for some of these homes had proposed a taller height). Look for these newbuilds on Wickliffe, Redding and Cimmaron roads, and on Eastcleft and Oakmont drives.
  • A 2018 citywide zoning code change restricts home sites that currently have one home sited on two parcels from being redeveloped as two homes, unless both existing lots meet current zoning standards. This ordinance will help preserve character on streets like Redding, Oakmount and Riverhill.
  • An additional code compliance officer position is being added in the Community Development Department, affording proactive code enforcement monitoring to encourage good stewardship of the district’s homes and properties.
  • The district can look forward to enjoying new sidewalks on Mountview Road as part of the 2020 construction season, and a new sidewalk on Nottingham is pending in 2023.
  • A pending code change in 2019 would restrict the uses of properties within the Kingsdale West Planned Mixed-Use District to residential only, except for those fronting Tremont Road.
  • Another pending code change is to reduce the permitted height of buildings in the Kingsdale West area, to provide a smoother transition from Tremont Road to the west into the adjacent neighborhoods.
  • A street tree survey will be undertaken in 2019, thanks to an effort by the Parks & Forestry Division and City Tree Commission, with resident participants who live within the study area.

For additional details about the River Ridge/Kingsdale West Study, and implementation updates, click here.

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