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SWACO Food Waste Webinars

The City of Upper Arlington has partnered with Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) and other local communities to form the Central Ohio Food Waste Initiative. SWACO and the City have also partnered to test the effectiveness of various food waste diversion education materials and activities. These outreach materials share tools, tips, tricks and opportunities to connect with local resources to reduce food waste at home, saving money, resources, and meals for hungry neighbors.

Part of the City’s food waste education outreach includes hosting a series of Food Waste Webinars in partnership with SWACO to learn how we can do our part to reduce food waste in Upper Arlington. The following remaining webinars require registration and are free to all:

Backyard Composting11:30 am, Friday, May 14

Join us for a backyard composting webinar that focuses on how easy it is to compost at home. During the webinar, participants will learn tips and techniques from local experts to help you turn your yard and food waste into a rich compost for your garden. Experts will cover what and how to collect household and yard waste materials, the different at-home systems for composting, and will provide insider information on additional FREE trainings and discounts that are available to Franklin County residents!  

How to Reduce Food Waste11 am, Wednesday, May 19

Did you know that the average family of four could save $1,500 each year by reducing food waste? Find out how you can shop smart, store food to last longer, and prepare leftovers creatively to make exciting new dishes and reduce food waste! Join City of Upper Arlington team member Katy Rees and guest speakers, Lucy Schroder, from SWACO and Alisha Barton from the OSU Extension for a free webinar to become more savvy with your groceries and to learn how Upper Arlington is taking action to reduce food waste! 

The first food waste webinar – which provides an overview of the program and how residents can help – was recorded and can be viewed here: Reducing Food Waste with “Save More Than Food”

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