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Thompson Tennis

Thompson & Fancyburg Park Tennis Courts Notice

Please be advised that weekday, afternoon access to the tennis courts at both Fancyburg Park and Thompson Park will be limited this spring, as they will be used for practice by the UA High School Tennis Teams, while the High School courts are replaced. Below is the availability schedule (subject to some minor adjustments):

Dates Courts Reserved for High School Use

  • Week of March 8: 3:30-6 pm, Monday-Friday
  • March 22-May 14: 3:30-5 pm, Monday-Friday

Dates Courts Available for Public Use

  • Date/s Location
  • March 15-22 Fancyburg and Thompson
  • Tuesday, March 30 Fancyburg
  • Wednesday, March 31 Fancyburg and Thompson
  • Wednesday, April 7 Fancyburg
  • Thursday, April 8 Fancyburg
  • Monday, April 12 Fancyburg and Thompson
  • Tuesday, April 13 Fancyburg
  • Wednesday, April 14 Fancyburg and Thompson
  • Thursday, April 15 Fancyburg and Thompson
  • Tuesday, April 20 Fancyburg
  • Tuesday, April 27 Fancyburg
  • Monday, May 3 Fancyburg
  • Tuesday, May 4 Fancyburg

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we hope you understand our desire to help our high school tennis teams through this transition.

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