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Police Update

UA Crime Alert


UA Police are currently investigating an attempted robbery that took place in the area of Suffolk and Coventry roads.  At approximately 5:15 pm on Tuesday, January 19, a juvenile victim reported that she was approached by a male she described as Hispanic, who was between 20-30 years of age and 5’8” – 6’ tall. According to eyewitnesses, the suspect was wearing dark colored clothing, has a “scruffy” face, and approached the victim as she was walking down the street.  Nothing was taken from the victim, but a firearm was brandished during the incident.

UA Police are seeking information about this incident and a previous robbery that took place on January 14 from potential witnesses or property owners whose video cameras may have captured either incident or the suspect entering or leaving the area.  If you have any information related to these two incidents, please contact Detective Matt Smith, at 614-583-5175.

It is believed the two robberies were committed by the same suspect. He should be considered dangerous and residents are advised to not approach him. UA Police will continue increased patrols and encourages everyone who lives and works in the area to exercise additional caution when walking or jogging in the evening.  If anyone sees someone matching the description above, please call the police non-emergency number at 614-459-2800.

Given the proximity to Jones Middle School and Barrington Elementary School,  UA Police are working closely with school administrators.

UA CRIME ALERT – January 14, 2021

UA Police are investigating a robbery from a female jogger that occurred at approximately 6:45 pm on Thursday, January 14 in the area of Waltham and Andover roads. The jogger was approached by a male in dark clothing, who ordered her to hand over several items.

UAPD is seeking information on this incident from potential witnesses or property owners in the neighborhood with home security cameras that may have captured video of the robbery or the suspect entering/leaving the area. If you have information that can assist the investigation, please contact Detective Matt Smith, at 614-583-5175.

At this time, there does not appear to be a significant increased safety risk, however UAPD is expanding officer presence in this area. Residents are advised to exercise caution and pay close attention to their surroundings when out walking or jogging. If you see any suspicious behavior, call the police non-emergency number, at 614-459-2800.

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