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How do I check-in at Camp?

Every Camp utilizes electronic check-in/out. Parents must accompany their child into Camp each day and swipe the key fob that has been assigned to each camper. If your child had a pool membership or has attended Camp in the past, they have an assigned key fob. Theses scan fobs can be used year to year, pool to Summer Day Camp. There is a question in the online registration process that asks if a new key fob is needed. Please check yes accordingly. New key fob cards are distributed at Parent Orientations or given to you on the first day your child attends SDC. Camp staff scans your fob each day, upon arrival and departure from Camp. If you arrive or depart at an off-site location, staff enters your arrival or departure manually upon return to Camp. The first ten days of Camp are electronically pre-loaded to your Camper’s card upon registration, whether the card is newly issued or used from a previous year. Staff typically lets you know how many days remain on your scan card, however it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that there are days on your scan fob BEFORE arrival at Camp. If you arrive at SDC and you do not have available days, you will be asked to call the office (8am-5pm) to purchase days or to add days to your card via your smartphone while you are still at Camp. Your child is not be permitted to remain at Camp if there are no days on your scan card or while you obtain days via phone or internet. You must stay with your child until you have purchased additional Camp days.

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