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Why are the initial 10 days required and non-refundable if my child does not attend at all?

The Recreation Division offers a plethora of year-round programming, of which most are conducted on a self-sustaining basis. Summer Day Camp offers the most flexible (pay-as-you- use) and affordable summer camp in the central Ohio area. The ten day minimum was instituted to help alleviate use of Camp as “Plan B”. For example: Plan B parent registers their child for SDC and pays for two weeks of Camp ($320). If Plan B child goes the minimum 10 days and pays $320 in Camp fee, this child takes the place of a Plan A parent who needs summer care and their Plan A child would have attended eight of the ten weeks for a total of $1,260. Our refund policy of unused days beyond the initial purchase of ten is also unmatched by any similar programming. Other summer camp programs typically require an upfront “all in” enrollment, higher mandatory minimum use and payment or use a ‘block’ payment system which requires payment for an entire month at a time or registration for the first half or second half of the summer, without any type of refund or credit.

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