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Updates To Community Relations Assessment Workshops

Updates to Community Relations Assessment Workshops

At a February 2019 retreat, City Council developed a strategic plan and organizational goals for the coming one-to-two years. This included the vision statement: “Upper Arlington’s community pride, thoughtful planning, collaborative approach, and financial stability are the cornerstones of our success. Together we meet the health, safety, recreational, educational and cultural needs of our citizens, businesses and families, while nurturing connections, volunteerism and leadership.”

An area of focus brought to the City’s attention thanks to the work of Equal UA, is a strong desire to explore options for the advancement of the community as place that is welcoming, cohesive and inclusive. To help us get there, UA resident Floyd Akins is leading a community relations assessment effort that is seeking to uncover the issues requiring our attention AND to develop a roadmap that will enable us to build on our strengths and shore up areas of weakness, so that all in our community feel connected, supported and valued.

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