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Reed Road Playground

Upper Arlington’s Park and Recreation Story

Since 1985, America has celebrated July as the nation’s official Park and Recreation Month. Created by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), Park and Recreation Month specifically highlights the vital and powerful role local park and recreation professionals, such as our staff in the Upper Arlington Parks & Recreation Department, play in building stronger, more vibrant and more resilient communities all across the country.

Parks are at the center of so many experiences and memories — moments that park and recreation professionals help make happen. Our local parks are often our first experiences in nature, our introduction to a favorite hobby or physical activity. They are places to gather with friends and family, spaces to celebrate life’s special moments, spots of respite and healing, sites that connect us with essential community services, and so much more.

In Upper Arlington, you can celebrate Park and Recreation Month by visiting the Farmers Market, enjoying one of our three pools, nature trails, playgrounds, and public art, as well as staying up to date on our new programs and events

“This month is the perfect time to highlight all the stories, memories and experiences that park and recreation professionals help make happen right here in Upper Arlington,” said Debbie McLaughlin, Parks & Recreation Director. “We encourage everyone to create their own park and recreation story with us this July.”

The Parks & Recreation Department is leading initiatives and providing opportunities for people of all ages to achieve healthier lifestyles, promote and understand nature and conservation, as well as bringing the community closer through a variety of programs and services.

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