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Building Permit Reminders

If you have decided this is the year to remodel a part of your home or upgrade your patio, the City’s Community Development Department can help you with an important first step: checking to see if your home improvement project requires a permit.

The permitting and inspection process is important because it allows building and planning staff to ensure new and remodeled buildings and structures are constructed in compliance with State of Ohio’s and City’s minimum building codes and standards. They also make sure that your project meets zoning requirements primarily in terms of use, location, and size. Meeting these standards not only ensures that your project is safe but starting a project without a permit could result in a “stop work” order, additional fees and in some cases a need to remove the work already completed and start the project from scratch.

So, when is a permit required for home improvement projects? Here are a few examples:

  • To construct a deck
  • To finish a basement or alter an existing basement
  • If the framing is removed or added to a kitchen/bathroom or if the layout is altered
  • If non-loadbearing walls and/or soffits are removed, altered or added
  • To add a porch or covered entry
  • To build a fence or replace an existing fence
  • If roof decking, exterior sheeting or framing is replaced, along with shingles or siding
  • If an exterior wall and/or header framing is altered during window replacement
  • To construct an accessory structure like a shed, pavilion, or play structure

While this list includes some of the more popular projects that require a permit, it is not comprehensive. If you’re unsure that your project will require a permit, start by visiting our Community Development Webpage. You’ll find a wealth of additional resources, access to our online permit portal, permit fee schedule, FAQs and more. If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact our building and planning staff at 614-583-5070 or by sending an email to [email protected].

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