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Kingsdale Overview Proposed
Kingsdale Senior Proposed
Kingsdale Proposed Northwest to East

Updated October 20, 2020

In late September, Continental Real Estate, Inc. submitted a Preliminary Development Plan to the City for the former Macy’s site at Kingsdale. The proposal places an emphasis on the provision of alternate housing options for the community, reflective of current development trends and to complement the existing retail/restaurant and office space at Kingsdale.

The project would be comprised of the following:

  • A six-story building with 104 senior housing units, located on the northwest portion of the site, with a 6,000 square foot restaurant, including outdoor dining, on the ground floor facing Tremont Road.
  • A seven-story building to the east/center of the property, along Northwest Boulevard, with five floors of 383 apartments and two amenity courtyards over a two-story parking garage.
  • *A nine-story building on the southwest area of the sit, with 75 two-bedroom apartments, 50,000 square feet of office space on the top two floors, and structured parking.
    *NOTE: This building site has been identified as a potential location for a prospective public use, subject to the Community Center Feasibility Task Force study process that is currently underway.
  • Eight, two-story townhouses fronting Northwest Boulevard that would back up to the two levels of structured parking for the seven-story building.
  • The two structured parking arrangements, combined with surface parking, would comprise a total of 755 new spaces. Additionally, Continental has secured a shared-use agreement for up to 150 existing parking spaces at the north end of the Giant Eagle Market District parking lot.
  • Relocation of the existing traffic signal on Northwest Boulevard and a new traffic signal at Tremont Road and Ridgecliff Road as an entrance into the site from the west, as well as a north/south internal drive connecting Kingsdale Center through to the Chase Bank parking lot.

BZAP approved the Preliminary Development Plan application on October 19, with the following conditions:

  • The project should include a minimum 50,000 square feet of dedicated medical or professional office space in the Mixed-Use building.
  • The revised Traffic Impact Study, which includes examination of off-site parking on adjacent residential streets among other items, and revised Utility Plan, which includes all required calculations, should be approved by the City Engineer prior to submission of a Final Development Plan application.
  • A site access and circulation plan should be approved by the City Engineer and Fire Division prior to the submission of a Final Development Plan application.
  • The applicant should consider the recommendations of Staff and the City’s third-party architect relative to coordinating the proposed building materials, colors and textures.
  • Details on the 150 available parking spaces from Giant Eagle Market District and the cross-access with Chase Bank should be submitted for City review prior to the submission of a Final Development Plan application.


Following approval of the Preliminary Development Plan application, Continental is required to bring a Final Development Plan before BZAP, which would provide greater detail on what is proposed. A timeline for this next step in the process is pending.

  • BZAP Hearing: October 19 – BZAP approval of the Preliminary Development Plan
  • BZAP Work Session: October 5 – review of Preliminary Development Plan


To view documents associated with the Final Development Plans and BZAP Staff Reports, search our Archives Portal – Development Projects using the following Project Names:

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