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Hudson 29 Overview on Lane Avenue
Hudson 29 Overview on Lane Avenue

Public Meeting 3
Thursday, February 13 | COhatch, 1733 W. Lane Avenue
Our thanks to all those who were able to join us for a presentation summary of the study process, the feedback received through two rounds of community engagement, and the resulting recommendations that will be shared with City Council in the Spring. Included in the presentation were 360º visuals of how the streetscape could look along the corridor (Please Note: these visuals feature abstract building concepts that are not reflective of existing or pending redevelopment projects).

The Lane Avenue corridor is the City’s most rapidly evolving commercial district. This transformation has enhanced the area’s vibrancy and appeal, providing new dining, retail, housing and service options, along with the community’s first hotel. As the area has changed, the City has implemented measures to address parking and traffic concerns, provide transitional buffers from the commercial district into adjoining residential neighborhoods, and to enhance pedestrian and bicycle access where possible. A statistically valid survey on the corridor—conducted at the close of 2018—demonstrated high levels of satisfaction with recent developments, increased access to shops and amenities, and steps taken to mitigate traffic and access.

With new developments already underway and on the horizon—such as The Lane II and Arlington Gateway—combined with the pressures of a growing region, City Council has approved a contract with OHM Advisors, to take a detailed look at the district to better understand the impacts of future growth and put in place a framework to guide this growth in a way that best benefits the community.

The Lane Avenue Planning Study process has included:

  • A detailed review of pertinent guiding documents, such as the Master Plan, Unified Development Ordinance, past studies and survey data.
  • Developing commercial streetscape standards to enhance the district, with a focus on pedestrian activity, bicycle access, transit use, outdoor dining, and opportunities for public art and public gathering spaces.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations for modifying the City’s commercial design standards.
  • A comprehensive traffic evaluation of Lane Avenue, from Riverside Drive to State Route 315—to include traffic counts and projecting maximum future development counts—to develop a phased approach to congestion mitigation and parking requirements.

The study began in August 2019 and is expected to conclude in the Spring of 2020. It includes three phases of citizen engagement, providing opportunities for residents to learn about the significance of the business district for Upper Arlington’s future and to provide input on what they believe should be priority considerations.

The City encourages residents to become involved in this important review process to help develop a roadmap that will further the corridor’s appeal as a major hub for community activity, while preserving the peaceful nature of surrounding neighborhoods.

Following a mid-December public meeting, an online survey was fielded from December 30-January 12, 2020 to provide all in the community a chance to learn about the progress of the study, as well as to view and provide input on a series of conceptual designs for enhancing gateways into the district, streetscape improvements and suggested amendments to the Lane Avenue Planned Mixed-Use District zoning requirements. Please click on the links below to view documents associated with this phase of the project:

Our thanks to the many residents that participated in the first round of community engagement for the Lane Avenue Planning Study. OHM Advisors has prepared a summary of this outreach and the feedback received from residents at the Open House, Community Pop Ups and Online Survey.

Click here to view this document.

Conceptual Studies Along Lane Avenue

News Post: Dated February 19, 2020

Lane Avenue is one of the City’s most rapidly evolving business districts. Knowing that this trend will continue—and acknowledging the potential for redevelopment projects at various properties along Lane Avenue—including The Shops on Lane Avenue—City Council initiated and funded the Lane Avenue Planning Study in 2019, and contracted with OHM Advisors to execute the Study on the City’s behalf.

The Study is being undertaken in order to start the conversation about future redevelopment on Lane Avenue before new proposals come forward. Expected to conclude this Spring, the Study has been considering how the City can best facilitate redevelopment in a way that sets parameters for thoughtful, quality projects that promote gathering spaces, support the pedestrian experience and improve safety, while enhancing the look and feel of the district and also paying close attention to an appropriate blending between commercial activity and the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

In regard to The Shops on Lane Avenue, the property owner has participated in the Lane Avenue Planning Study, as have most other property owners in the study area. Unrelated to the Lane Avenue Planning Study, the property owner independently engaged RDL Architects to envision general long-term future possibilities (these conceptual renderings can be viewed here). No plans have been formally submitted to the City. Should a redevelopment proposal be brought to the City, it would be subject to the City’s public review and approval processes. The City would also strongly encourage the property owner to proactively engage with our residents on any proposed project it may wish to bring to the City, prior to formal submission.

If you have any questions about the Lane Avenue Planning Study or the Shops on Lane Avenue, please contact Community Development Director, Chad Gibson, at




  • Public Meeting – Thursday, February 13, COhatch: Presentation summary of the study process, feedback received through two rounds of community engagement, and the resulting recommendations to be shared with Council in the Spring.


  • Public Meeting – Thursday, December 12: Presentation summary of the public engagement activities held in the fall, and details of the study’s next steps

Fall Engagement Summary:

  • Thursday, September 26 – Community Pop Up 1 at Crimson Cup
  • Thursday, September 26 – Community Pop Up 2 at Whole Foods
  • Wednesday, September 18 – Open House at COhatch


To view documents associated with the Lane Avenue Planning Study, search our Archives Portal – Development Projects using the following project name: Lane Avenue Planning Study


OHM has created two aerial videos of the Lane Avenue Corridor for a very different perspective of existing conditions, that can be viewed here. Please be advised that these videos are best viewed using Chrome, and it may be necessary to adjust the quality settings to have the videos display smoothly. Enjoy!




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