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The City of Upper Arlington is moving forward with the next phase of the Redding Road resurfacing project budgeted for 2025 that includes new pavement surface and spot curb replacement. The need to reconfigure the area between Fishinger Road and Zollinger Road stemmed from concerns over speeding and safety as well as a desire to add multimodal options. To address these issues, the Engineering Division and a design consultant developed six alternative designs, each aimed at enhancing the road’s functionality while ensuring the safety of the neighborhood.

Community input has been a crucial part of the decision-making process. Residents living in the impacted area along with community members were invited to provide feedback at public meetings over the last two years. Alternative #5 best addressed concerns from the community and was favored by those who live in the impacted area.

Key Features of Alternative #5:

  • Two lanes of travel
  • No center turn lanes
  • Two dedicated bike lanes
  • Parking on the east side of the roadway

The project is scheduled to begin in 2025, with the bidding process to start early next year. Final cost estimates for the project are expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

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