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Realtor Care Day

Realtor Care Day Transforms Yard for Long-Time Upper Arlington Resident

The Northwest Area Realtors Association, in partnership with UA CARES, marked Realtor Care Day by donating their time and efforts on June 12, 2024, to improving the yard of a deserving Upper Arlington resident. Realtor Care Day is an annual event where realtors come together to give back to their community through various volunteer projects. This year, Robert (Bob) Paxton, a long-time Upper Arlington resident, was chosen for his contributions to the community and need for assistance in maintaining his yard.

Paxton, who has lived in Upper Arlington since 1965, attended The Ohio State University and earned a law degree. With over 51 years of legal practice, he is also an author, having written a book about his experience with a cancer diagnosis in 2021. Despite his many achievements, Paxton has struggled with the physical demands of yard maintenance, making him an ideal candidate for the Realtor Care Day project.

“The UA CARES program is so great,Paxton shared, expressing his gratitude for the initiative. About seven weeks ago, UA CARES, a community paramedicine programoffered by the Upper Arlington Fire Division, informed him that he had been selected to receive volunteer support to revitalize his yard. “I am totally honored to be blessed by so many people helping me in a time of need,” he said.

Around 30 volunteers from the Northwest Area Realtors Association participated in the project. They trimmed shrubs, cut down branches, cleaned the pool area, removed foliage, and spread fresh mulch. By the end of the day, the group had filled two dumpsters with debris, leaving Paxton’s yard in excellent condition.

Realtor Care Day exemplifies the commitment of realtors to their communities, and this project was a testament to the positive impact they can make. To learn more about Realtor Care Day, click here.

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