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Stoner Peridontics Staff Honored for Life-Saving Actions

In a moment of crisis, seconds matter. Recently, the staff at Stoner Periodontics, a periodontal care and implantology practice located in Upper Arlington, demonstrated extraordinary courage and quick thinking that saved a patient’s life. During a routine procedure in April 2024, the patient went into cardiac arrest, but thanks to the staff who noticed the early signs and immediately began CPR and called 911, a potential tragedy was averted.

The City of Upper Arlington was proud to recognize and honor the remarkable actions of the Stoner Periodontics staff. City staff along with the Fire Division presented the medical practice a proclamation on June 13, 2024, to commend their heroic efforts. The patient, who made a full recovery with no deficits, was also present to receive the proclamation alongside the office staff.

The proclamation was presented at Fire Station 72, highlighting the collaboration between healthcare professionals and emergency responders in the Upper Arlington community. This story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of being prepared and acting swiftly in times of crisis.

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