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Black History Month

Stories of Resilience: Black History Month Event at UA Library

Stories of Resilience: Black History Journey Through the Arts

2-4 pm, Saturday, February 24
PLUS: 1:30 pm Artist Talk
Tremont Library, 2800 Tremont Road

UA is celebrating Black History Month with a family-friendly event – Stories of Resilience: Black History Journey Through the Arts – on the afternoon of Saturday, February 24 at the Tremont Library, 2800 Tremont Road.

We invite you to join us for an afternoon of dance, spoken word and musical performances, educational opportunities, children’s activities, art exhibits, refreshments and more, as we celebrate the strength, unity, and rich tapestry of Black history in the artistic expressions of the African American community.


  • 1:30 pm – Artist Talk: Richard “Duarte” Brown & Malik Carrington: From a young age, Columbus artist Richard Duarte Brown has been immersed in the arts. He was honored with the prestigious Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Fellowship in 2022, and received the 2022 Governor’s Award for his tireless efforts in inspiring strength, wisdom, and courage among students throughout Central Ohio. Brown will be joined by his mentee, Malik Carrington, a local mixed media artist passionate about expressing feelings of togetherness and family through his work.
  • 2 pm – Spoken Word Performance: Cynthia Amoah: Cynthia Amoah is a Columbus based poet, performer, and teaching artist. She received her MFA in poetry from The New School, where she was awarded the prestigious Paul Violi Poetry Prize. Amoah began competing nationally in recitation and motivational speaking in 2006. Her dynamic voice and strong stage presence captures and inspires diverse audiences. An activist and humanist, her work often highlights lost stories of her immediate worlds, while transcending the marginalized groups she delineates. This balance is delicate, but she walks it with grace.
  • 2:30 pm – Black Conversations Dance Performance by InPulse Dance Company: InPulse Dance Company is self-expression through mind, body, and soul. Trezon Dancy works to evoke emotions and connect audiences by guiding them through genuine and visceral movement, inspired by familiar life and human obstacles. For Dancy, the creative process starts with remembered experiences. Though the work is abstract, the viewer is encouraged to develop his own interpretation, and find personal life connections visually, physically and spiritually.
  • 3:15 pm – Musical Medley – Stories of the Harlem Renaissance, curated by Donte Woods-Spikes, performed by Qamil, Stevi & Donovan: Donte Woods-Spikes is renowned for his diverse array of talents, including professional speaking, community engagement, and video documentation. His expertise has garnered interviews with numerous news outlets, invitations to participate in panel discussions, and involvement in a wide range of projects. Donte’s overarching objective is to foster understanding and bridge gaps beyond stereotypes by sharing authentic experiences through storytelling and documentary work.


  • 2:30 pm & 3:15 pm | Button People Making Activity – Draw inspiration from Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson’s passion for buttons and collaborate with Richard Duarte Brown and Malik Carrington in crafting people made from buttons, pipe cleaners, and string. Come together with fellow community members to create a button person as distinctive as yourself! All ages are welcome to participate in this enjoyable activity.
  • The UA Library’s Periodic Table of Black History – Visit and learn from the UA Library’s Periodic Table of Black History! Through interactive displays and fun activities, you’ll learn about Black Americans who have made history in the United States. All ages.
  • UA Schools Black History Month Highlights – Students in the Upper Arlington Schools have been busy learning about and celebrating Black History Month. Learn about the art and media happenings and check out their Black musician playlist.
  • Art Exhibit curated by Donte Woods-Spikes – Wander the halls of the Library to enjoy an array of artwork, created by local, talented Black Artists.

Stop by the Community Relations Committee Welcome & Beverage Table as you arrive, then enjoy baked goods on sale from Food Soul’s Cuisine and For the Love of Dough.

This year’s Black History Month event is made possible thanks to a partnership of UA Parks & Rec and the Upper Arlington Public Library, with support form the UA Community Relations Committee, Equal, Upper Arlington Schools and the Upper Arlington Community Foundation.

We hope you can join us.

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