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Winter Weather Reminders

While we’ve already had a taste or two of wintry weather, the next couple of months typically include their fair share of snowstorms. To help all in our community navigate the season safely, we have a few winter weather updates and reminders to share with you.

Snow Removal
The City provides exceptional snow removal services, with the aim of returning normal driving conditions to all City streets within 24 hours of the end of a snowstorm. Priority is placed in the following order:

  • Arterial – the City’s main roads receive priority treatment during a storm.
  • Collector – the next level of streets that carry a lot of traffic to main streets – these streets are plowed and salted once arterial streets are complete.
  • Residential – all remaining streets. Plowing takes place when snowfall exceeds three inches.

To assist our crews, please do not park on the street during a snowstorm.

Click here for additional details.

Help Keep Sidewalks Clear
Navigating the community on foot can be hazardous in the winter, especially for the elderly or those with disabilities. Help keep sidewalks in front of your property or business clear of snow and ice. If you have elderly neighbors, take a few extra moments to clear their sidewalks too.

Fire Hydrants in Winter
When you do find yourself clearing snow and ice from your driveway and sidewalk, if you have a fire hydrant in front of your property, please take a little extra time to clear the hydrant so that fire crews have full access should a property in your neighborhood experience a fire.

Winter Park Facilities
Even when the temps are in the single digits, residents still love to enjoy the great outdoors and beauty of our parks. To help accommodate park users, each winter UA Parks & Recreation places all-weather porta-johns in our community parks that do not feature year-round restrooms. And as weather and workload allows, crews will clear park pathways of snow and ice in our larger, multi-use parks.

Sledding Hills
When enough snow has fallen for sledding, the following parks have small hills that can serve up an afternoon of sledding fun: Jack Nicklaus Park off Tremont Road; Northwest Kiwanis Park; Reed Road Park; Sunny 95 Park; Thompson Park.

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