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Financial Budgets

Draft 2023-2024 Budget Heads to Council

The fall of each even-numbered year marks a busy time for the City as departments develop their proposed budgets for the next two years. The results of that effort come before
Council starting in November, with a series of public hearings that look at the different budget components.

The City’s financial position remains strong despite recent inflationary and supply chain challenges. This is the result of several interrelated factors that include:

  • The leadership of past and present City Councils that have guided reviews, updates and adherence to strong fiscal policies and financial accountability practices;
  • The cumulative effect of a proactive economic development program, which is diversifying and strengthening the business community;
  • Voter support in 2014 for an increase in the income tax rate to fund capital improvements.

The proposed 2022-2023 budget is reflective of conservative revenue projections in response to the current economic climate while positioning the City to be able to continue providing a high level of services and continuing the City’s reinvestment in its 10-Year Capital Improvement Program, relative to streets, sidewalks, waterlines, sewers, parks and other public infrastructure.

Dates for the budget hearings are as follows (meetings begin at 7 pm):

  • Monday, November 7 City Council Meeting – first budget discussion (Capital Improvement Program)
  • Monday, November 14 City Council Meeting – second budget discussion (Operating, Capital Equipment, Schedule of Fees)
  • Monday, November 21 City Council Meeting – third budget discussion (open items)
  • Monday, December 12 City Council Meeting – Council vote

For additional budget process details, contact our Finance Director, Brent Lewis, at 614-583-5288.

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