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Dog Owner In Park

Good Neighbor Reminders for Dog Owners

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy our beautiful parks and neighborhoods, and it’s a time when we see a marked increase in residents out walking with their dogs. It’s also a time when we typically receive an increase in complaints about negative encounters with dogs running loose in the parks.

While dog owners have every right to enjoy our public spaces with their canine friends, it’s important to be mindful of the safety of those around you. Being a responsible dog owner is not only the right thing to be out of respect for others who are trying to enjoy the community’s public spaces, but to ensure your pet’s safety and avoid any personal liability from a dog bite or car accident should you lose control of your dog.

Here are some simple tips to follow to do your part to ensure everyone can enjoy the great outdoors in harmony with one another:

  • When at a UA park, dogs must be on a leash 8 am–8 pm during Daylight Savings Time. At all other hours, the dog still must be under your control. If field sports, parties or other group activities are in full swing, steer clear of that portion of the park if your dog is off leash, or simply put the leash back on to prevent any uninvited interruptions from your dog.
  • Don’t assume all dogs will play well with yours, especially when they are on a leash. Keep your dog clear from others until you have checked with the owner that it’s okay to approach.
  • As a courtesy to others and for health and safety reasons, pet owners must clean up after their pets. Most of our larger parks are equipped with doggie bag stations but it’s always a good idea to bring your own. And, when disposing of pet waste, please use the trash container NOT the recycling container.
  • When out walking your dog in your neighborhood, a leash is required. Similarly, dogs should be appropriately contained on your property when off leash, within a fenced-in area of your backyard or by use of an electric fence.

 To report a leash law violation, contact UA Police at 614-583-5410.

 The City has a webpage detailing our laws pertaining to dogs and other animals, as well as useful contact information for lost pets, vet resources and more. Click here for more.

For many, our dogs are considered a fully-fledged member of the family. But for others—timid dogs included—a large dog running loose can be a scary proposition. Be responsible and respectful of others when out with your best friend, so that everyone can enjoy our beautiful parks and neighborhoods in peace and safety.

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