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OhioHealth Grandview Yard Half & Quarter Marathon to Pass Through UA

A heads up that the OhioHealth Grandview Yard Half & Quarter Marathon will be taking to the streets on the morning of Sunday, August 6. This event, which will benefit the Upper Arlington Community Foundation, has been expanded in 2023, with a significant portion of the half marathon passing through UA.

To accommodate the run, a series of temporary parking restrictions will be in place between 5 am-Noon:

  • No parking on both sides of the street for the following streets:
    • Stanford Rd. from Northwest Blvd. to Andover Rd.
    • Waltham Rd. from Andover Rd. to Arlington Ave.
    • Cambridge Blvd. from Waltham Rd. to Oxford Rd.
    • Oxford Rd. from Cambridge Blvd. to Tewksbury Rd.
    • Tewksbury Rd. from Oxford Rd. to Arlington Ave.
    • Tewksbury Rd. from Coventry Rd. to Andover Rd.
    • Andover Rd. from Tewksbury Rd. to Chatfield Rd.
    • Andover Rd. from W. Lane Ave. to Wilshire Dr.
    • Wilshire Dr. from Andover Rd. to Brandon Rd.
    • Ridgeview Rd. from Brandon Rd. to Vassar Pl.
    • Vassar Pl. from Ridgeview Rd. to Northam Rd.
    • Northam Rd. from Vassar Pl. to North Star Rd.
    • North Star Rd. from Ridgeview Rd. to Trentwood Rd.
  • Additional No Parking zones:
    • Andover Rd. – East side from Stanford Rd. to Waltham Rd.
    • Waltham Rd. – South Side from Arlington Ave. to Cambridge Blvd.
    • Tewksbury Rd.- North Side from Arlington Ave. to Coventry Rd.
    • Tewksbury Rd. – East Side from Coventry Rd. to Andover Rd.
    • Andover Rd. – West Side from Chatfield Rd. to W Lane Ave.
    • Brandon Rd. – West Side from Wilshire Dr. to Ridgeview Rd.
    • North Star Rd. – West Side from Northam Rd. to Ridgeview Rd.

Click here to learn more about the day’s activities.

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