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Amelita Mirolo Barn (18)

Yes. You can schedule a tour by calling 614-583-5330 or emailing [email protected].

A non-refundable deposit of $200 (Friday and Sunday rentals), $400 (Saturday and Holiday rentals), or $50 (Monday through Thursday rentals) is required to hold a reservation date. This deposit does go toward the total fee for the facility. The renter must complete a contract and pay the balance 90 days before their scheduled reservation.

You should include ample time to decorate and stage your event, for vendors to have access to the facility, time for the actual event, and to allow for cleanup. A minimum of one hour prior and one hour after your rental time is suggested. For large events, we suggest that you allow two-three hours prior to your event and one hour after.

Yes. Wedding ceremonies can be indoors or outdoors. We have a lovely patio area facing a pond that can be used for an outdoor ceremony.

  • ALLOWED: Wire, string, zip ties, or other non-marking methods for securing decorations.
  • NOT ALLOWED: Nails, tacks, tape, staples, helium balloons, confetti, glitter, sand, rice, birdseed.
  • FIRE/FLAME GUIDELINES: Open flames and fireworks are NOT allowed (unity candles are the only exception). Votive candles and enclosed candles are acceptable for use.
  • All decorations must be removed at the end of your event.

Yes. If you are having a potluck event or bringing food and/or beverage that does not require catering services there is no additional charge. Renters are responsible for managing the food tables, clearing guest tables, and completing a kitchen cleaning checklist at the end of the event.

One-time caterers not on the list of permitted caterers may be permitted on a limited bases at the discretion of the Director of Parks & Recreation and will be subject to a 20% service charge of the total food and non-alcoholic beverage billing on all full-service catering fees. Alcohol must be served through a Permitted Caterer.

Yes. Alcohol is permitted from 6 am-10 pm on the weekends and 6 am-9 pm Sunday-Thursday during the school year. All alcohol must be handled and served through a Permitted Caterer. The renter will pay a $150 fee and complete an alcohol contract with the City of Upper Arlington if alcohol is served.


  • 15% of total food and non-alcoholic beverage charges for caterers on the AMB Permitted Caterer’s list
  • 20% of total food and non-alcoholic beverage charges for caterers NOT on the AMB Permitted Caterer’s list

The caterer is charged this fee, which is then passed along to the renter – renters will see this fee on their catering bill.

No. Renters must work with one of the Amelita Mirolo Barn Permitted Caterers. Permitted Caterers must handle and distribute all alcoholic beverages. Alcohol cannot be dropped off at the facility prior to the arrival of the permitted caterers.

No. ONLY Amelita Mirolo Barn Permitted Caterers can serve alcohol.

The maximum capacity inside the facility is 150 guests. The barn provides tables and chairs for 150 guests. If guest counts exceed 150, renters may secure an outside vendor to rent a tent, tables and chairs on the west patio for up to 200 guests. We can only accommodate 150 guests for wedding ceremonies.

No. Barn staff will set out chairs and tables, based on the agreed upon floor plan, prior to arrival time.

Yes. Tables and chairs can be set up on the covered stage area and patio areas. No tables and chairs are allowed on the grass surrounding patios and stage areas.

Renters are responsible for cleaning up all decorations and items brought in for the event. Caterers will be responsible for cleaning the kitchen area and removing trash. In the case of an event without a caterer, renters are responsible for cleaning the kitchen at the end of the event.


The barn closes at 11 pm (10 pm, Sunday-Thursday during the school year). Events must end at 10 pm (9 pm, Sunday-Thursday during the school year). This allows for one hour of cleanup after the event ends. Clean up must be completed by closing. All guests and rental party must be vacated from the facility at this time. This includes caterers.

Pets/animals are not permitted in the facility, except seeing-eye guide dogs or service dogs for the impaired.

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