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Smoke Alarm

“Sound the Alarm” Smoke Detector Installation Canvassing

Saturday, April 13

The UA Fire Division has partnered with the American Red Cross Central & Southern Ohio Region to host a “Sound the Alarm” smoke detector canvassing day, scheduled for the morning of Saturday, April 13.

Red Cross and UA Fire representatives will be canvassing homes on Shrewsbury Road, Nottingham Road, and Cranford Road. They will be offering to check that any existing smoke detectors are properly located and in good working order, and If needed, will install new smoke detectors at no cost.

Homes in the targeted area will be pre-canvassed a few days prior to this event, with door hangers placed on front doors.

This is the second partnership between the Red Cross and UA Fire, with plans to establish a regular schedule for reaching out to different neighborhoods in the months ahead.

If you have any questions about the Sound the Alarm smoke detector installation program, please contact [email protected].

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