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Terracotta Tile Installation Underway at Bob Crane Community Center

After many months of construction, the exterior of the Bob Crane Community Center is transforming into the design team’s vision, as depicted by the series of renderings we’ve shared previously. The terracota tiles – arguably the most distinctive design feature of the facility – are being installed, a phase in the construction process that will bring much of the building exterior work to a close.

Over the next several weeks, construction teams will be installing over 7,000 tile panels to the exterior of the building. The terracotta panels, a popular choice for exterior building designs in Europe, are produced in Germany and then shipped to the United States. They are installed like a rainscreen, helping to reflect water from the facility. A series of vertical rails have already been added to the concrete exterior which easily allows every panel to clip into place. This installation process ensures the durability and aesthetic appeal of the Bob Crane Community Center, marking a significant milestone in the construction phase.

Construction of the 155,000 square foot building is tentatively expected to be completed by the spring of 2025. To learn more about the Bob Crane Community Center, click here.

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