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UAFD Expands Community Paramedic Program Resources

Focusing on fall prevention and care coordination, the UA CARES program helps prevent further medical emergencies.

The Upper Arlington Fire Division is expanding resources of its nationally recognized community paramedicine program, UA CARES. The UA CARES program is proud to announce the deployment of two vehicles, each staffed by dedicated community paramedics five days a week to further the City’s commitment to providing exceptional healthcare and social support to the community. This strategic move comes in response to the growing demand for accessible healthcare and social services and underscores the Upper Arlington Fire Division’s dedication to serving the community.

Since its establishment in 2018, UA CARES has emerged as a vital lifeline for residents of Upper Arlington. The program is a collaboration of efforts between Fire, EMS, and police personnel. This interdisciplinary approach ensures a swift response to urgent needs identified by first responders, providing crucial support to the community in times of crisis.

The program has undergone several expansions to keep pace with the growing demands of the community and deliver exceptional service. The integration of the former STAY UA program, initiated in 2009, into UA CARES has further enhanced service coordination and program management. UA CARES expanded its reach in 2021 include police officers, enabling them to provide crucial follow-up care for mental health and substance use cases.

*Pictured Left to Right: James Crum, Firefighter/Paramedic; Christine Leyshon, UA CARES Manager & Service Coordinator; Joe McCabe, Firefighter/Paramedic

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