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2023 Capital Improvement Program

With Council approval of the City’s 2023-2024 budget, plans for the 2023 Capital Improvement Program are moving into high gear. As has been typical since the City expanded its program to 10 years in 2014, all signs indicate that 2023 will be another busy construction season. Read on for a summary of what’s on the schedule:

Street Reconstruction Program
Street reconstruction projects are comprised of full pavement replacement, new curb and gutter and new driveway approaches. For 2023, the following streets are scheduled for this extensive maintenance and repair work, with an estimated cost of approximately $1.4 million:

  • Haviland Road – from Winfield Road to Windermere Road
  • Malvern Road – from Waltham Road to Club Road
  • Merriweather Drive – from Kirkham Road to Fishinger Road
  • Oakridge Court – from the cul-de-sac to Oakridge Road
  • Suffolk Road – from Andover Road to Northwest Boulevard
  • Welsford Road – from Northam Road to Ridgeview Road

Street Maintenance Program
Sections of 13 streets are scheduled for street maintenance work, which comprises street resurfacing and spot curb and gutter repairs, per the following list, at an estimated cost of $814,000:

  • Abington Road – from Charing Road to Leeds Road
  • Adner Court – from Concord Village Drive to Sedgewick Drive
  • Ashdowne Road – from Beaumont Road to North Star Road
  • Barrington Road – from North Star Road to Andover Road
  • Canterbury Road – from Riverside Drive to Charing Road
  • Greensview Drive – from Ardwick Road to Langston Drive
  • Somerford Road – from Riverhill Road to Ridgecliff Road
  • South Parkway – from Southway Drive to North Parkway
  • Westover Road – from Tremont Road to Arlington Avenue
  • West Devon Road – from Upper Chelsea Road to Cambridge Boulevard
  • Wickford Road – from Kensington Drive to Chatfield Road
  • Wickliffe Road – from Riverside Drive to Wickliffe Woods Court
  • Willowbrook Road – from Haverford Road to Lane Road

The Wakefield Forest neighborhood by the UA High School is scheduled to receive additional traffic calming measures totaling approximately $435,000. This includes permanent improvements to the intersection of Trentwood Road and Mount Holyoke Road, pedestrian crossing improvements at the intersection of Northwest Boulevard and Trentwood Road, traffic-calming on Brandon Road and Mount Holyoke Road, and one-way westbound roadway geometry improvements at Northwest Boulevard and Trentwood Road.

Long awaited improvements to Fishinger Road began toward the close of 2022, enhancing the connectivity and aesthetics of this major thoroughfare. Phase I – which runs from Mountview Road to Tremont Road. Phase II – scheduled to begin in 2023 – will complete the project, running from Mountview to Riverside Drive. The two phases include full street reconstruction, new curb and gutter, improved LED streetlights, new sidewalks and a shared-use path. Concurrent with these improvements, a new waterline will be installed along this entire section of Fishinger. Combined, the Fishinger Road construction and waterline improvements will cost more than $18 million, however, the City has been successful in its efforts to secure alternate funding sources of more than $10 million to offset the City’s investment.

In other highlights:

  • A shared-use path will be installed along the north side of Lane Avenue, between Asbury Road and Riverside Drive. This will connect to a future shared-use path heading south on the west side of Riverside Drive to the Trabue Road bridge, providing direct access to the Quarry Trails Metro Park. Budgeted at $555,000, the City has secured a $330,000 State Capital Grant to help fund the project.
  • With the first five-year cycle completed in 2022 for the City’s Sidewalk Maintenance Program, the second cycle is expected to result in fewer repairs and a substantially lower cost.
  • The 2023 Sanitary Sewer repairs will complete improvements based on city video inspections.

If you have questions about the City’s 2023 Capital Improvement Program, please contact [email protected].

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