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Northam Tennis Courts
Northam Tennis Courts
Northam Tennis Courts
Northam Tennis Courts
Northam Tennis Courts
Northam Tennis Courts
Northam Tennis Courts
Northam Tennis Courts
Northam Tennis Courts

The Northam Tennis Courts have opened for a modified season. Season passes and daily pass sales are available online ONLY (there will not be sales of passes at the facility). Members can reserve courts in 90-minute time blocks. Reservations must be made online in advance. Players will be required to leave the facility after play and there will be no social activities.

Please scroll for more information including memberships, admission, reservation times and new guidelines in response to COVID-19


Memberships and Admission

  • Northam Tennis memberships will still be offered and must be purchased online at or over the phone by calling the Northam Tennis office at 614-583-5461 or the UAPR main office at 614-583-5300.
  • Northam tennis will operate as a cash free facility
  • Daily passes will only be sold online (limit 4 per season)


Courts 1-6
Courts 7-12
Courts 1-6
Courts 7-12
Courts 1-6
Courts 7-12
8-9:30 am8:10-9:40 am8-9:30 am8:10-9:40 am8-9:30 am8:10-9:40 am
9:40-11:10 am9:50-11:20 am9:40-11:10 am9:50-11:20 am9:40-11:10 am9:10-11:20 am
4-5:30 pm4:10-5:40 pm4-5:30 pm4:10-5:40 pm11:20 am-12:50 pm11:30 am-1 pm
5:40-7:10 pm5:50-7:30 pm1-2:30 pm1:10-2:40 pm
7:20-8:50 pm7:30-9 pm2:40-4:10 pm2:50-4:20 pm
4:20-5:50 pm4:30-6 pm
6-7:30 pm
Sunday Only
6:10-7:40 pm
Sunday Only
  • Patrons must reserve court time for designated 90 minute time blocks
  • Reservations made online at under facility reservations
  • Maximum of 1 reservation per person per day
  • Reservations available 7 days in advance and open at noon
  • Daily admission players must call the Northam Tennis office at 614-583-5461 to make a reservation, these reservations can be up to 7 days in advance
  • Patrons will be asked COVID-19 health screening questions in reservation process to remind players not to play when experiencing any symptoms or having potential exposure
  • Patrons shall communicate the necessary information with those in your reservation group regarding protocols related to participation
  • Patrons must end play and exit court when time block period expires
  • Stay home if you are sick or do not feel well


Individual Pass$127$270$317
Family of 2$182$360$432
Family of 3$242$480$575
Family of 4$286$540$656
Add-on 5+$33$42$40
Senior Individual$105$240$271
Senior Couple$149$300$351
Residents must live or work in Upper Arlington. Please provide a copy of a utility bill, lease, deed, pay stub or Tax record. Family = A maximum of two adults and/or their dependent children. All pass holders must live at the same address.
Individual Pass$193$408$478
Family of 2$275$540$650
Family of 3$363$720$857
Family of 4$407$810$961
Add-on 5+$50$60$58
Senior Individual$160$360$409
Senior Couple$215$450$530
Family = A maximum of two adults and/or their dependent children. All pass holders must live at the same address.
* Child Caregiver is an individual employed by the family to provide extended childcare to the family's child or children. Limit one child caregiver pass per family. Family must verify employment with Parks & Recreation Department.


Evenings-after 7 pm$3$5$5NA
2 Years & UnderFreeFreeFreeNA
Note: Daily admission fees may not be applied to the cost of a season pass. Due to Tremont Pool closing at 8 pm on Fridays and Reed Road Water Park closing at 8 pm on Saturdays, the evening rates are in effect from 6-8 pm on those evenings.
*Guests are limited to four(4) visits per individual per year. Northam Park Tennis is a "no cash" facility. All membership and daily admission fees must be paid by credit card (VISA, Master Card and Discover Card).

Arrival to the facility

  • Patrons shall arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before their scheduled court time; please wait in your car or away from the courts if you arrive early If you arrive early, you will not be permitted to enter. At completion of play, patrons should exit the facility immediately
  • Wear a mask or face covering when interacting in close proximity to other players or when entering buildings
  • All patrons must adhere to six-foot physical distancing while at the facility
  • Do not gather in groups
  • Follow instructions and signs when checking in
  • Wait until called to the Tennis office to check in and wait until told you can proceed to court
  • Guests must arrive in playing attire (changing facilities not available)
  • Staff will monitor patrons to ensure guidelines are being maintained
  • Guests reminded to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after play


    • Follow USTA Player Tips and Guidelines to prevent spread of COVID
    • Use social distancing and maintain at least six-feet between individuals in all areas
    • Only use the court that has been assigned to you
    • Players should play on one side of the court, do not alternate
    • Do not touch balls other than your own
    • Avoid using your hand to pick up balls; use racquet or foot to pass the ball to other players
    • Refrain from touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
    • Players should sanitize hands after serving
    • Only touch your own equipment
    • Clean and sanitize your equipment at the end of use
    • Keep any food and drink in your assigned area
    • Do not gather in groups
    • Leave as soon as you have finished play


    No social activities until ODH and FCPH guidelines allow for it

    League Play

    • Northam Tennis will participate in the GCTA league play if the league is held in 2021
    • If the GCTA league is not held, efforts will be made to create a league among Northam Tennis members
    • Match pairings and court assignments to be established and communicated in advance of arrival
    • Players are required to check in at the office and report to their court when directed

    Private and Group Lessons

    • Schedule
      • Clinics begin June 1
      • Lessons begin June 15
      • Register at
    • Implemented with social distancing practices. Limited to small groups. Instructor and Participants should keep social distance (6 feet)
    • Teaching professionals will be assigned specific courts, dates, times
    • Participants should only touch their equipment
    • Encourage use of racquet/foot to move balls back to the instructor/participants o For serving practice, participants must use their own balls

    Court Amenities

    • Benches will be available in limited quantity to assist those that may need to rest
    • Tables will be closed or removed
    • Drinking Fountains closed, must bring your own drink
    • Only employees and tennis professionals can place item on bulletin boards
    • Kitchen area will not be available to players
    • Guests are encouraged to use restroom facilities at home
    • Restrooms will be open for use, lockers will not be available

    Personal Items

    • Players are encouraged to only bring a small bag with necessary items and place near them by the court
    • Beverages brought in from outside must be non-alcoholic and in non-glass containers. Beverages must be kept in your own space

    Confirmed Cases– Mandatory

    • Immediately isolate and seek medical care for any individual who develops symptoms.
    • Contact the local health district about suspected cases or exposure.
    • Organizer must maintain a complete list of coaches, players, and employees present at each event to include the date, beginning and ending time of the event, plus name, address, and phone contact to be made available upon request from local health district.

    Confirmed Cases- Recommended Best Practices

    • Work with local health department to identify potentially infected or exposed individuals to help facilitate effective contact tracing/ notifications.
    • Once testing is readily available, test all suspected infections or exposures.
    • Following testing, contact local health department to initiate appropriate care and tracing.
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