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The 2024 construction season is another busy one for Upper Arlington. Street and sidewalk improvements, underground water, sewer and stormwater improvements, and park improvements are all part of the City’s 10-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) planning process, which is focused on bringing the City’s inventory of infrastructure maintenance needs to an acceptable standard, and setting the stage for staying current with needs into the future. The 10-Year CIP was made possible by Upper Arlington voter support of an increase in the income tax rate of .5% in 2014—bringing UA’s rate to 2.5%—with all funds generated by the increase dedicated to meeting our capital needs.

The 10-Year Capital Improvement Program is updated every year, with the new “Year 10” added as each “Year 1” is completed. As part of this update, some projects change project year, based on a reassessment of priorities and conditions at the time of a reassessment process. This typically does not affect projects identified for “Years 1-3” but can result in adjustments for “Years 4-10.”


Explore the Upper Arlington 2024 CIP Map below for an overview and real-time updates on the following projects:

Fishinger Road Phase 2 Construction – beginning 12/15/23

2024 Projects have not begun – click below on the 2024 Capital Improvement Program for the most up-to-date information

  • Street Reconstruction Program
  • Street Maintenance Program
  • Sidewalk Maintenance Program
  • Parks Capital Projects

The Environmental Protection Agency required and has approved a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey to identify the most problematic areas in the City for rainwater getting into the sanitary sewer pipes. Following this evaluation, the City developed a 12-year remediation plan called the Sustainable Sewer Solutions Program, which began in 2017. These projects may include renovation, installation of a liner, cleaning or replacement of main sewer lines, sanitary laterals and manholes, and typically require a detour of the sanitary waste using the structure.


The Sidewalk Maintenance Program provides for periodic inspections of existing sidewalks to determine if repairs or replacement work is necessary to keep the network in good working order. The maintenance and repair for sidewalks is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The City will make repairs when damage has been caused by the roots of City-owned trees in the public right-of-way, defects caused by utility manholes or valves, and any curb ramps.

Visit Engineering Division – Sidewalk Maintenance Program for full details.

Sidewalk Damage
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