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The 2019 road construction season is another busy one for Upper Arlington, representing year six of the City’s first 10-year Capital Improvement Program planning process, designed to bring the City’s inventory of outstanding infrastructure maintenance needs to an acceptable standard, and setting the stage for staying current with needs into the future. It was made possible by Upper Arlington voter support of an increase in the income tax rate of .5% in 2014—bringing UA’s rate to 2.5%—with all funds generated by the increase dedicated to meeting our capital needs.

The 10-Year Capital Improvement Program is updated every year, with the new “Year 10” added as each “Year 1 ” is completed. As part of this update, some projects change project year, based on a reassessment of priorities and conditions at the time of a reassessment process. This typically does not affect projects identified for “Years 1-3” but can result in adjustments for “Years 4-10.”


Click here for the real-time 2019 Capital Improvement updates (updated bi-monthly) or click map below.

Construction Closures for 2019

These projects are comprised of the complete “ground-up” removal and replacement of a roadway—new pavement, new curb & gutter, new drive approaches, and the restoration of any affected lawn areas. This work may also include the installation of new underground utilities. Roadway Reconstruction projects tend to be multi-phased and frequently require the closure of the affected roadway for an extended period.

  • Cresthill Dr (Mountview Rd to Redding Rd) – Completed
  • Dorset Rd (Asbury Dr to Mountivew Rd) – Completed
  • Fairfax Dr (Middlesex Rd to McCoy Rd) – Completed
  • Grace Ln (Reed Rd to Lyon Dr) – Completed
  • Osborn Dr (Vassar Pl to Dead End) – Completed
  • Shoreham Rd (Surry Hill Pl to Mountview Rd) – Completed
  • Stonehaven Ct N (Cul-de-sac to Stonehaven Dr) – Completed
  • Stonehaven Ct S (Cul-de-sac to Stonehaven Dr) – Completed
  • Stonehaven Dr (Chartwell Rd to Stonehaven Pl) – Completed
  • Wareham Rd (Kirkley Rd to Trentwood Rd) – Completed
  • Woodbridge Rd (Glenmere Rd to Middlesex Rd) – Completed

Henderson Road Improvements

Riverside Drive to Sawmill Road
Reconstruction of the roadway, with the addition of curb and gutter and storm sewer and sanitary infrastructure improvements. Pedestrian and bicycle accommodations will be included, as well as intersection improvements at Henderson and Sawmill roads, to be coordinated in cooperation with the City of Columbus.

  • PHASE II Henderson Road Detour began Wednesday, July 31 at 9 am
  • Project Start Date: Week of April 29, 2019. Estimated completion April 2020
  • Tree removal and other prep work: Completed
  • Waterline work: Completed
  • Sanitary sewer and storm sewer work: Completed
  • Curb and gutter work: Completed
  • Driveway aprons and sidewalk: Current
  • Roadway construction: To begin after driveway aprons and sidewalk

Per the attached detour map (below):

  • Motorists heading west on Henderson Road will continue to be detoured north to Sawmill Road, then west on Bethel Road to Riverside Drive.
  • Motorists wishing to head east on Henderson Road from Riverside Drive will be detoured to Bethel Road, then south on Sawmill Road.

Residents on Henderson Road who are west of the construction zone and that live along Hampton Lane and Tarrington Lane will only have access to and from their homes from Riverside Drive.  UA school bus transportation has been notified that they will be able to access both streets from Riverside Drive.

Residents that live on Henderson Road between Sawmill Road and Hampton/Tarrington Lane will have interrupted access to their driveways during this second phase of work. We will notify you of full-driveway closures in advance.

Henderson Road Detour-Phase-1

These projects are comprised of routine repairs designed to prolong the useful life of a street, such as the removal and replacement of the top layer of pavement (mill and overlay), and repairs to small sections of curb and gutter. These projects are typically completed within a few days with minimal restrictions for residents.

  • Timeline: Mid-May – September
  • Arlington Ave (Suffolk Rd to Tremont Rd) – Completed
  • Canterbury Rd (Asbury Rd to Brixton Rd) – Completed
  • Charing Rd (Canterbury Rd to Leeds Rd) – Completed
  • Inchcliff Rd (Tremont Rd to Mountview Rd) – Completed
  • Mountview Rd (Canterbury Rd to Edington Rd and McCoy to cul-de-sac) – Completed
  • Ridgecliff Rd (Mountview Rd to Redding Rd) – Completed
  • Sheringham Rd (Woodbridge Rd to Shelbourne Ln) – Completed
  • Shrewsbury Rd (Ramsgate Rd to Mountview Rd) – Completed
  • Swansea Rd (Kioka Rd to Sunset Dr) – Completed

These projects are comprised of new and routine repairs, such as the removal and replacement or repairs to small sections of the sidewalk. Improvements may also be made to improve the visibility of the crosswalks, with the stallion of thermoplastic pavement markings, along with bump outs and flashing crosswalk signs. These projects are typically completed within a few weeks with minimal restrictions for residents.

  • Andover Sidewalk (Barrington Rd to Guilford Rd) – Completed
  • Barrington Sidewalk (Andover Rd to Waltham Rd) – Completed

The replacement of waterlines, service transfer and installation of a full-depth pavement patch.

  • Ainwick Rd (Zollinger Rd to Eastcleft Dr) – Completed
  • Haviland Rd (Woodbridge Rd to Mountview Rd) – Completed

The Environmental Protection Agency required and has approved a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey to identify the most problematic areas in the City of Upper Arlington when it comes to rainwater getting in to the sanitary sewer pipes. Following this extensive evaluation, the City developed a 12-year remediation plan called the Sustainable Sewer Solutions Program which began in 2017. These projects may include renovation, installation of a liner, cleaning or replacement of main sewer lines, sanitary laterals and manholes, and typically require a detour of the sanitary waste using the structure.

Northwest Upper Arlington near Windermere Elementary School – Began May 28, 2019. Estimated completion December 2019

  • Bickley Pl
  • Haviland Rd
  • Kioka Ave
  • Lytham Rd
  • Middlesex Rd
  • Winfield Rd


These projects may include renovation or full replacement depending on the condition of the structure.  These projects typically require a detour of the traffic using the structure.  Construction may last as long as a month or an entire construction season.

  • Dorset Road Bridge – on Abington Road between Mountview Road and Ashbury Road – Completed
  • Annual Inspection of City’s Bridges and Culverts – Completed

Improvements to the City’s stormwater system, which is the underground network that drains rainwater runoff from our streets into natural waterways.

  • Farleigh Rd – box culvert replacement at Avalon Rd – Completed
  • Sandover Ct Spillway – Completed

These projects may include replacement of wooden street light poles with steel poles, installation of additional poles at appropriate spacing and installation of conduit for new wire to replace buried wires.  These projects typically do not require a detour of the traffic using the structure.

  • 2019 projects completed

These projects may include repair or replacement of traffic signals, installation of conduit for new wire to replace buried wires.  These projects typically do not require a detour of the traffic using the structure.

  • 2018–Guilford Rd at Northwest Blvd – Completed
  • 2018–Lane Ave at Northwest Blvd – Completed
  • 2019–Reed Rd at McCoy Rd – Scheduled to begin 2020.
  • 2019–Andover Rd at Guilford Rd – Scheduled to begin 2020.

Devon Pool Poolhouse
Timeline: Completed
A new, 25,000 square foot poolhouse replaces outdated indoor facilities. Included in this project are men’s and women’s restrooms, a family restroom, concession stand and offices. The project also included fencing replacement.

Devon Pool Mechanical Building Replacement
Timeline: Design completed, construction to begin fall 2020
Replacement of the two mechanical buildings with one facility to house the pool systems, updating mechanical systems, and replacing older sections of concrete decking.

Jack Nicklaus Park Tribute
Timeline: Completed
Installation of a commemorative display providing the history of Jack Nicklaus’ golf accomplishments as a youth in Upper Arlington. A committee has raised private funds and designed the display.

Northam Park Shared Use Path
Timeline: Spring 2020
Replacement of existing sidewalk along Northam Road with a new eight foot wide shared use path for improved pedestrian mobility to the park.

Miller Park Playground
Timeline: Summer 2020
New playground to meet current design and ADA standards.

Reed Road Park Diamond #1 Dugouts
Timeline: Winter 2019
Replacement of existing dugout concrete pads and overhead shelter at Diamond #1.

Reed Road Park Playground
Timeline: Spring 2020
New playground to meet current design and ADA standards.

Veterans’ Plaza at Mallway Park
Timeline: Summer 2020
A public-private partnership to renovate and improve the existing Veterans’ Memorial Feature at Mallway Park.


The Sidewalk Maintenance Program provides for periodic inspections of existing sidewalks to determine if repairs or replacement work is necessary to keep the network in good working order. The maintenance and repair for sidewalks is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The City will make repairs when damage has been caused by the roots of City-owned trees in the public right-of-way, defects caused by utility manholes or valves, and any curb ramps.

Visit Engineering Division – Sidewalk Maintenance Program for full details.

Sidewalk Damage

Construction projects can and do occur within Upper Arlington’s corporate boundaries that are not the responsibility of the City, typically by utility companies such as Columbia Gas, AEP and cable/telecommunications companies. When these projects have a noticeable impact for our citizens, the City takes a more active role in oversight and helping to communicate project updates to residents as appropriate.

Columbia Gas Improvement

  • Central Upper Arlington near Northam Park – Began March 1, 2019. Estimated completion July 2019
    • Current Status – Work in progress near Asbury/Canterbury/Dorset/Eddington/Farleigh/Redding​/Berwyn
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