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Elemental Rotation
Elemental Rotation
Elemental Ogun
Elemental Egeria
Elemental Emerging Edafos

Artist: C. Jeré 2007
In a partnership with the Parks & Forestry Division and Leadership UA, Cultural Arts installed a bosquet – a small clump of plantings with statuary at the north end of the park. The bosquet features Rotation, an abstract sculpture by C.Jeré and plantings placed by members of Leadership UA and Lisa Metcalf, City Horticulturist.

Artist: Steve Bush 2017
Ogun is the God of iron, energy, creativity, war, hunting and invention. This fierce warrior is one of the oldest Orishas and is pictured as a blacksmith as he’s a powerful spirit of metal work. This last installation, by artist Steve Bush, is a metal sculpture depicting fire. Crediting the vision of the City of Upper Arlington and the Cultural Arts Commission, this piece is the final installation of the garden, a creative endeavor of many community members that has taken 10 years to complete.

Artist: Gene Friley 2009
Another partnership with the Parks & Forestry Division resulted in Egeria, an interactive sculptural fountain created by local artist Gene Friley. Egeria was a Greek Goddess who gave wisdom and prophecy in return for simple libations of water. The fountain features a water pump, providing a “green” element to the sculpture. Visitors can pump water from an underground tank through to the fountain, sparing the need for electricity. Visitors may interact with the sculpture during the spring, summer and fall seasons, until water is drained for the winter (October–March).

Emerging Edafos
Artist: Cultural Arts, Parks & Forestry 2011
Soil and plant installation
Emerging Edafos is an installation created in a partnership between the Cultural Arts and Parks & Forestry Divisions. The initial concept for the Earth component came from a desire to change the face and topography of this small space. The three mounds represent a small but notable change, and all three fit together cohesively with turf type fescue planted in each, providing subtle texture to alter the space.

Visit the park page for a list of AMENITIES, photos, videos and more.
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UA Farmers Market

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Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are NOT permitted in the parks, pools or shelters at any time.

Reservations: Ballfields are available by reservation. Two-hour minimum use. $10 resident and $15 nonresident per hour.

Ballfield Hotline: 614-583-5345 Field conditions are updated weekly after 3:30 pm When applicable, weekend updates are made by 8:00 am If field conditions change after the update occurs, users are encouraged to use their best judgment when using the fields.

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Parks (7)

Any questions regarding the trees or parks should be addressed to the Parks & Forestry Division of the Parks & Recreation Department. They can be reached from the phone number: 614-583-5340.

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In public parks, dogs must be on a leash from 8 am to 8 pm during Daylight Savings Time and 8 am to 5 pm during Eastern Standard Time. At all other hours, dogs must still be under control by the owner. Additional responsible pet ownership guidelines can be found by linking to our Animal & Wildlife Resources page.

Sand volleyball courts are available for rent by calling the Parks & Recreation Office at 614-583-5300 located at Reed Road Park by the shelter house. Available for use 7 am-11 pm. Athletic fields are available for rent beginning mid-April, by calling Darcy Baxter at 614-583-5316. Shelter houses at Thompson, Fancyburg, and Reed Road parks are available to individuals and organizations by rental only.

Shelter houses can be reserved through the Parks & Recreation Department, at 614-583-5300. Reservations and payments can be made online here.

Categories: Parks, Shelters

Volunteer forms are available to fill out on the Upper Arlington Website. Volunteering is event-based and will occur on specific dates. Fill out your name and information and a member of the Parks and Rec. staff will contact you with an available event. Volunteer forms can be found here.

Categories: Donate & Volunteer, Parks

All larger parks feature paved multi-use pathways for walkers, joggers, rollerbladers, etc. Mileage for these pathways is listed on the maps below. In addition, Thompson Park includes assorted fitness station equipment spaced along the path.

Category: Parks

Per CO 907.06: “Unless specifically authorized by the city manager, no person shall intentionally damage, cut, carve, transplant or remove any public tree or shrub; attach any rope, wire, nails, advertising posters or other contrivance to any tree or shrub, allow any gaseous liquid, or solid substance which is harmful to such trees or shrubs to come in contact with them; or set fire or permit fire to burn when such fire or the heat thereof will injure any portion of any public tree or shrub.” The Park & Forestry crew routinely removes such items during regular maintenance, mowing, and trash removal. Items removed also include abandoned chairs, athletic equipment, water bottles, bikes, and other items left in city parks. If the items removed have obvious value, they are retained are the Public Service Center for 30 days and can be retrieved during normal business hours.

Categories: Parks, Permits, Shelters

Athletic fields are rescheduled or refunds issues in case of inclement weather and the playing field is too wet for play to commence. A recorded message is placed on the Parks & Recreation hotline, 614-583-5345 to notify all users of field cancellations.

Refunds are not issued for shelter house reservations canceled due to inclement weather. All shelter houses in our system are completely enclosed and, therefore, not subject to weather cancellations. Facility users assume the risk of undesirable weather conditions when reserving a facility.

If We Cancel - The Upper Arlington Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel any reservation or to close athletic fields. If this situation occurs, a full refund is issued.

If You Cancel - To cancel a reservation, you must contact the Upper Arlington Parks & Recreation Department office at 614-583-5300 or Senior Center at 614-583-5320. A written statement (email or mail) is needed to cancel.

Refunds - A refund (less the $25 fee) is given when a shelter house or Senior Center cancellation is made more than 90 days prior to the rental date. All Amelita Mirolo Barn deposits are non-refundable. A 50% refund is given when a shelter house, Amelita Mirolo Barn or Senior Center cancellation is made 30-89 days prior to the rental date. No refund is given when a shelter house, Amelita Mirolo Barn or Senior Center cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to the rental date. Refunds for emergency or hardship cases are made on a case-by-case basis. All decisions for a refund are at the discretion of the Parks & Recreation Director.

The City of Upper Arlington Parks & Forestry Division is proud to keep Upper Arlington parks beautiful, safe and fun destinations for patrons of all ages. Help them keep the parks in top shape by adhering to the following policies:

  1. Hours of Operation: City parks are open to the public from 5 am to 11 pm.
  2. Trash, Debris & Litter: Most parks feature trash cans for park use. Household trash shall not be placed in park trash cans or dumpsters. Private yard waste shall not be dumped, raked, or blown into parks. Please make sure all litter and debris is deposited in cans. Cigarette butts are litter.
  3. Graffiti & Vandalism: Graffiti and vandalism are of course, prohibited. Please report any instances to the city.
  4. Pets in Parks:  See "Pets in Parks" tab.
  5. Playgrounds: Playgrounds are designed and built for designated age groups. Parents or guardians should supervise children using the playground equipment. Please report any safety or maintenance issues to the city immediately.
  6. Alcohol & Tobacco: Alcohol, tobacco products and illegal drugs are prohibited in parks and facilities at all times.
  7. Smoking: All park buildings and interior spaces are smoke-free by law. Extinguish all butts before depositing them in trash cans.
  8. Picnic Areas & Grills: Picnic tables & grills are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Do not move tables off of concrete pads. Do not deposit hot coals in trash cans - leave in grills please.
  9. Pathways: Park pathways are designed for shared use, including walkers, runners, roller bladders, and cyclists. Please use common sense and courtesy. Pathways are not designed for high speed bicycle traffic. Slower pathway users should stay to the right, and those passing should sound an audible signal, or offer a verbal warning when preparing to pass.
  10. Shelters: Open air shelters at Burbank, Northwest, & Westover, and the gazebo at Miller Park are "first-come, first-served". Enclosed shelters at Fancyburg, Thompson, and Reed Rd. Parks can be reserved for a fee. All shelters should be left clean, with floors and table surfaces ready for the next visitor.
  11. Vending: Beverage vending machines are present in major parks. No sales of products or services are permitted in parks without the written permission of the Director of Parks & Recreation.
  12. Fires: No fires are permitted, except in designated fire places or grills. Do not deposit hot coals in trash cans.
  13. Sports: Organized sports (games or practices) must be confined to areas & facilities designated for such use. Bleachers are provided at most fields and diamonds for spectator use. All teams must clean up their own litter and debris. Golf is prohibited in city parks.
  14. Signs & Ribbons: No signs, including posters, yard signs or ribbons, may be placed on park property, except on designated bulletin boards. Per City  Ordinance 907.06: “No person shall attach any rope, wire, … or other contrivance to any tree or shrub… without authorization.” The Park & Forestry crew routinely removes such items during regular maintenance, trash removal, and mowing. See the code here.
  15. Vehicles: No vehicles are allowed in parks except in the marked spaces within paved parking lots without the written permission of the Director of Parks & Recreation. On-street parking is also available around most parks.

Please help to keep the parks safe, clean and enjoyable! Notify the Parks & Recreation Department if you see any broken play equipment, damaged park furniture or vandalism to athletic fields and park facilities.

Call 614-583-5300 during regular business hours to report any issues or complete the "Report Damage" form below. For more urgent situations or after hours, call Police Dispatch at 614-459-2800.

While dog owners have every right to enjoy the parks with their canine friends, it's important to be respectful of other park users. Follow these tips to do your part to ensure everyone can enjoy the great outdoors together:

  • While at a UA park, dogs must be on a leash 8 am-8 pm during Daylight Savings Time or 8 am-5 pm EST. When off leash, the dog still must be under your control of their owners at all times.
  • Please keep dogs off of athletic/sport fields. If sport fields, parties or other group activities are in full swing, steer clear of that portion of the park if your dog is off leash, or simply put the leash back on to prevent any uninvited interruptions from your dog.
  • Don't assume all dogs will play well with yours, especially when they are on a leash. Keep your dog clear from others until you have okayed playing with the other dog owner.
  • As a courtesy to others and for health and safety reasons, pet owners must clean up after their pets. Most of our larger parks are equipped with doggie bag stations (thanks in part to Pet People) but it's always a good idea to bring your own. The law requires that all pet waste be picked up by pet owners.
  • Violators are subject to citations and fines from the Police Division.

To report a leash law violation or other issue in the park, please contact the Police non-life threatening emergency number at 614-459-2800. The City has a brochure detailing our laws pertaining to dogs and other animals, as well as useful contact information for lost pets, vet resources and more.

    The City’s website is designed to provide 24/7 access to useful information about City departments, services, public meetings, special projects, events, legislation and more. If you are unable to find what you are looking for on this page or in our FAQ section, please complete the webform below. It will be directed straight to staff in the department listed above.

    The City also offers a convenient means for residents to report issues such as potholes, broken streetlights, property maintenance issues and parks damage through our UA Click2Fix smartphone app, available from AppleApp or GooglePlay.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not an emergency reporting system. Requests are addressed during regular work hours of 8 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday. If you need to report an emergency situation, please call 9-1-1.

    Your Name

    Please help to keep the parks safe, clean and enjoyable! Notify the Parks & Recreation Department if you see any broken play equipment, damaged park furniture or vandalism to athletic fields and park facilities.

    Call 614-583-5340 during regular business hours to report any issues or complete the "Report Damage" email form. For more urgent situations or after hours, call Police Dispatch at 614-459-2800.


    Registration Options:

    • Online: Click here to check availability and reserve a shelter house.
    • In Person: Office hours are 8 am to 5 pm weekdays. Parks & Recreation office at 3600 Tremont Road.

    Keys: Parks & Recreation staff will unlock and lock shelter houses according to scheduled rental times. Be sure to include time for set-up and tear-down of the facility.

    Non-Profit Rates: Reduced fees of 25% are available to eligible UA-based non-profit community-serving organizations, as determined by the Parks & Recreation Director.


    Resident Non-resident
    Monday-Sunday & Holidays $36/hour $54/hour
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