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The Building Division works with residents, businesses, schools, contractors and design professionals to ensure new and remodeled buildings are constructed in compliance with State of Ohio and City of Upper Arlington minimum building codes and standards. Staff reviews residential and commercial construction plans, issues permits, and provides onsite inspections of these buildings and mechanical systems. The division is also responsible for the administration of annual General and Trade contractor registrations..






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BZAP Hearing

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BZAP Work Session

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The Board of Zoning & Planning (BZAP) reviews all planning and zoning related applications, including variances, conditional uses, signage plans, subdivisions, site plans and development plans. The Board also makes recommendations to City Council pertaining to rezoning requests and changes to the Unified Development Ordinance, the City’s zoning code.

The Board of Zoning & Planning typically meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The first meeting is an informal Work Session, where commercial projects are typically discussed. The formal meeting follows on the third Wednesday, at which time the Board takes action on all items on the agenda.

Visit our Online Agenda Portal current or past BZAP meeting agendas. Visit our Archives Portal for BZAP Meeting audio files.


Application & Plan Submission
All residential and commercial building permit applications are date-stamped upon submittal and reviewed in the order in which they were received. The review of residential building permits takes seven-10 business days. The review of commercial building permits takes 10-15 business days.

Residential and commercial building that have a change in the footprint proceed to step 2, residential interior remodels proceed to step 4.

Zoning Review
The Unified Development Ordinance regulates land use and development within the City. Zoning regulations protect property values by ensuring new development is compatible with the surrounding community and maintains the character of established neighborhoods.

Building plans are reviewed by the Planning Officer–as well as the Engineering Division and Parks & Recreation Department on all new buildings–to ensure compliance with all provisions of the Unified Development Ordinance. If plans are in compliance, they are approved and forwarded for Building Review. If plans do NOT conform to Unified Development Ordinance zoning requirements, the applicant is given two options:

  • Redesign the project to comply, OR
  • Seek a variance from the Board of Zoning & Planning. Contact the Planning Division for assistance with the variance process by completing the email form below.

Variance Process – Should your improvement project not meet the City’s zoning standards, a variance may be required. A variance is a granting of relief from Unified Development Ordinance standards, and can only be authorized by the Board of Zoning & Planning. In order for a variance to be granted, the Board of Zoning & Planning must find that practical difficulties unique to the property exist that prevent full compliance with the zoning requirement. Download our Guide to Variances and the Variance Process brochure below.

Board of Zoning & Planning Deadlines – The following deadlines are in place to allow enough time for Staff review prior each Board of Zoning & Planning Work Session:

  • Preliminary/Final Development Plans – 5 pm of the second Wednesday before the end of each month
  • Rezoning Requests – 5 pm of the third Wednesday before the end of each month
  • Meeting Minutes – To access Board of Zoning & Planning meeting minutes, which include documents submitted for all agenda items, visit ­Archives Portal –  Board of Zoning & Planning Meeting Minute Archives.

Effective March 1, 2024 the Ohio Board of Building Standards has mandated adoption of the new 2024 Ohio Building (OBC), 2024 Mechanical (OMC), 2024 Plumbing (OPC) and 2024 Existing Building (OEBC) Codes, these codes apply to all new building and trade applications beginning March 1, 2024.

Free Ohio Digital Codes

The electronic versions of the 2024 OBC, OMC, OPC & OEBC are now available on ICC’s Ohio eCode Bookshelf: Ohio Building Codes – ICC Digital Codes (

Currently, the 2024 OBC, OMC and OEBC are in read only format, but ICC is in the process of converting them to digital format.  The conversion of the OMC and OEBC will be complete by end of January and conversion of OBC will be complete in early February.  The 2024 OPC is already in digital form with both search and cut-and-paste functionality.  When the conversion of the remaining codes is complete, they all will have this functionality.  We encourage building departments to direct code users to this free resource.

Building Review
Once zoning approval is received, plans proceed to the Chief Building Official (residential projects) or the Commercial Plans Examiner (commercial projects) to ensure compliance with Chapter 13 of the City’s Codified Ordinances, the Ohio Building Code, and/or the most recent version of the Residential Code of Ohio.

The purpose of the building code is to provide minimum standards and requirements for construction and construction materials to make buildings safe and sanitary for their intended use and occupancy.

If plans fail to meet code, a correction letter will be issued explaining reasons for the plan rejection, and citing specific sections of the code. Two new sets of plans must be resubmitted highlighting all revisions, along with a letter addressing the corrections. Resubmitted plans are reviewed on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Trade Permits
All residential and commercial trade permit applications are date-stamped upon submittal and reviewed in the order in which they were received. The review of residential trade permits takes five-10 business days. The review of commercial trade permits takes 10-15 business days.

Requests for inspections must be submitted by 3 pm for service on the next business day. Inspection requests must be submitted:

  • Online via our Online Applications & Permits Portal through your Permit/Account
  • By phone: 614-583-5070
    • Leave the following details when you call: Address, permit number, requested date of inspection, contact information

Inspection Schedules

  • Building, HVAC, and Driveway Approach inspections occur Monday–Friday except on City holidays.
  • Plumbing inspections must be scheduled with Franklin County Public Health at 614-525-3160.
  • Electrical inspections are Monday-Friday except on City holidays.
    • The Electrical Inspection Request Line is 614-583-5081.
  • Commercial inspections occur each business day.
Type of PermitApplication Fee*Plan Review FeePermit Fee3% Com
1% Res
OBBS Charge
Residential CodeOBCZoningResidential BuildingCommercial Building **
New Building: Residential$194$194$56$56TBD$24 per 100 SFYes
     Commercial$26 per 100 SF
Additions/Remodeling/Repair$56$158$56$56TBD$14.50 per $1,000 valuationYes
Decks$56$158$56$56TBD$14.50 per $1,000 valuationYes
Detached Garage/Carports & Accessory
Buildings over 200 SF
$56$158$56$56TBD$17.50 per 100 SFYes
Driveway: New$100Yes
Electrical (Minimum) - See application for detailed fees$75Yes
     Fixtures & Outlets$6 + $2 eachYes
     Permanent & Temporary Service$40Yes
Fire Protection (Alarms) - See application for detailed fees$160**Yes
Fire Suppression (1-25 Heads) - See application for detailed fees$160**Yes
Gas Line$75 + $10 per stop
HVAC (minimum) See application for detailed fees$75Yes
Residential Plumbing (1st Fixture)$60No
     Each additional fixture$15No
Commercial Plumbing (1st Fixture)$200No
     Each additional fixture$20
Sewer Tap$75No
Sign - Illuminated$150Yes
Temporary Signs$75Yes
Swimming Pool$300No
Zoning: Variance Application$300No
     Conditional Use$1,000No
     Rezone: Residential$1,500No
     Rezone: Commercial$2,000No
Certificate of Zoning Compliance$75
Demolition: Residential$140No
Demolition Sign$35No
Re-inspection Fee$75No
Board of Building Standards Appeal$275No
Building Card Replacement$58No
Stamp/approve additional sets over 2$14.50/setNo

* In addition to plan review and permit fees.
**Additional Commercial plan review fees incurred to be invoiced monthly at an hourly rate.

Contractor Registration Fees

TypeFeeBondLiability Insurance
General Contracting$100$5,000$100,000-$300,000
Demo Contracting$100$10,000$100,000-$300,000
HVAC: Warm Air Heating$100
     Steam & Hot Water$100
     Ventilation/Air Conditioning$100
Master Plumber$100$5,000
Driveway (Approach) & Sidewalk$100$5,000
Sewer Builder$100$5,000
c Expand All C Collapse All

Building, Planning & Zoning (12)

A plumbing permit is required to install or replace a boiler, water heater, water meter, and any time supply or waste lines are added, altered or removed, or boxes, switches, circuits or fixtures are added.

To schedule an inspection, call the “Inspection Line” at 614-583-5080. Once a building permit has been issued, a series of inspections takes place to ensure the work is being performed according to the approved plan.

It is always best to work out issues related to neighbors in a positive manner. If you have exhausted positive communication methods, the City Attorney’s Office has a Diversion Programs that may assist. Or you may contact the Police Division with questions using the form below.

Browse the City Codes section for property maintenance violations. Or contact the Building & Planning Department at 614-583-5070.

A building permit is required:

  • To construct a deck
  • To finish a basement or alter an existing basement
  • If there is any framing being removed or added to kitchen/bathroom or if the layout is altered
  • If non-loadbearing walls and/or soffits are being removed, altered or added
  • To add a porch or covered entry
  • If roof decking, exterior sheeting or framing is being replaced along with shingles or siding
  • If exterior wall and/or header framing is being altered during window replacement

An HVAC permit is required to install or replace a furnace, RTU, air conditioner, mini split system or range hood, and any time supply air, return air or dryer vent ductwork is added, altered or removed, as well as for new or replacement ventilation fans, etc.

An electrical permit is required to install or replace a temporary electric service, permanent electric service, and anytime new wiring, boxes, switches, circuits or fixtures are added.

Yes, if the shed is less than 200 square feet, a Certificate of Zoning Compliance is required. If the shed is 200 square feet or larger, a building permit is required.

Yes, a fence permit is required to build a new fence or if more than 25% of an existing fence is being replaced.

Yes, registrations are required for general, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, sewer and driveway/sidewalk contractors.

Yes, a separate bond form is required for each trade even if one company is registered for multiple trades.

Typically a permit is required from the Engineering Division when sidewalks are replaced in the public right-of-way. However, the February 2021 sidewalk repair notices mailed to non-compliant properties also function as the permit for purposes of the Sidewalk Maintenance Program. A free permit from the Parks & Forestry Division is required when excavation is performed within 10 feet of a street tree. Permits are not required for leveling or grinding of existing concrete sidewalks.


    The City’s website is designed to provide 24/7 access to useful information about City departments, services, public meetings, special projects, events, legislation and more. If you are unable to find what you are looking for on this page or in our FAQ section, please complete the webform below. It will be directed straight to staff in the department listed above.

    The City also offers a convenient means for residents to report issues such as potholes, broken streetlights, property maintenance issues and parks damage through our UA Click2Fix smartphone app, available from AppleApp or GooglePlay.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not an emergency reporting system. Requests are addressed during regular work hours of 8 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday. If you need to report an emergency situation, please call 9-1-1.

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