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The City Manager’s Office provides the executive leadership for the City, and policy guidance to the Mayor and Council. The City Manager is responsible for the overall management of the City’s departments, the support services necessary to maintain them, and the presentation of the City’s budget.

The Office is comprised of the City Manager, Assistant City Manager and Executive Secretary, as well as the following divisions:

  • Connect – oversees the City’s communications, marketing and community engagement programs (see the Connect section under Services)

  • Human Resources – performs all personnel functions for the City (see Human Resources section)

  • Economic Development – provides a wide range of services to attract new businesses and to help existing business stay and grow in UA (see Economic Development section)



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The Council/Manager form of government is a system of representative democracy that combines the strong political leadership of elected officials with the strong managerial experience of an appointed manager. In this form of government, citizens vote to elect a City Council and that Council then hires a professional City Manager to run the City’s day to day operations and implement any changes in policy that the Council passes. Elected officials and appointed managers must reach out to citizens via community surveys and interaction with residents across the community to ensure that all enacted policies represent the betterment of the community as a whole. Citizen involvement is often widespread in communities that have adopted this form of government through processes such as visioning and community-oriented local services.

City Council

  • Functions as a parliamentary system whereby all power is concentrated within the elected Council with a principal elected official, usually the Mayor, assuming a symbolic, coordinating and activist leadership role.
  • Members of City Council do not perform this function on a full time basis and typically receive little or no compensation for what is considered volunteer service to the community.
  • The number of members on a City Council can range from six to 13 members, depending on the size of the community.
  • Often, some or all members of City Council are elected to represent specific areas – known as wards or districts – within a community.
  • The Mayor is still perceived as the most visible leader for a community under this form of government.
  • The Mayor fulfills two vital functions: Consensus building among members of Council and their representatives, and in guiding the development and implementation of policies.

City Manager

  • The appointed professional manager functions like a business organization’s chief executive – administering the daily operations for the City under the guidance of City Council.
  • The City Manager has a professional staff that, under his/her guidance, provides the services and implements the policies adopted by the elected Council.
  • This appointee is responsible for preparing the community’s budget, directing day-to-day operations, hiring and firing personnel, and provides complete and objective information to Council on issues as they arise.
  • The City Manager is selected by the City Council based on his/her education, training and relevant managerial experience.
  • City Managers serve at the pleasure of the City Council, must respond to citizens, and are dedicated to the highest ideals of honesty and integrity.
CNT Time Capsule
CNT Time Capsule

Centennial Time Capsule

State Of The City 2019

Community Fair Senior Center

State Of The City 2019

Community Fair UAFD

State Of The City 2019

Community Fair Council President Kip Greenhill

State Of The City 2019

Community Fair Football Team Players

State Of The City 2019

Community Fair

State Of The City 2019

UA High School Vocal Group

State Of The City 2019

Standing Ovation for Ted Staton Award

State Of The City 2019

Swearing In of Chief Farmer

State Of The City 2019

Community Safety Award Winner Jon Rice

State Of The City 2019

Senior Award Winner Judy Dixon Jenks

State Of The City 2019

Youth Award Winner Maria Buffer, Katie Overmyer and Claire Geistfeld (not pictured)

State Of The City 2019

Business Award Winner Colin's Coffee

State Of The City 2019

Community Enrichment Award Winner Centennial Task Force

State Of The City 2019

Tremont Elementary School Songwriting Club Members

A Look Back at Our 2019 Address
With our first 100 years successfully in the books, the City hosted a memorable State of the City Address with a Centennial theme. On hand to help celebrate were members of the UA High School Vocal Music Group, who performed a sampling of songs from their February production of Mamma Mia. As the evening ended, Tremont Elementary School Songwriting Club members, along with teacher Tino Benedetti, performed their Centennial Song, Serve. Lead. Succeed. Enjoy the photos from the 2019 event.

Our 2018 Community Award winners were:

  • Business – Colin’s Coffee
  • Community Enrichment – Centennial Task Force – Steering Committee: Rich Simpson, Erik Yassenoff, Charlie Groezinger, Kip Greenhill, Michele Hoyle, Debbie McLaughlin, Emma Speight, Jared Nyhart
  • Community Safety – School Resource Office Jon Rice
  • Senior – Judy Dixon Jenks
  • Youth Award – The “Take Off” Event – Claire Geistfeld, Maria Buffer, Katie Overmyer

For full details of each award recipient, click here.

Details of past-year State of the City Addresses can be found through our Archives Portal – State of the City search.

2020 State of the City Address

5-7:30 pm, Monday, January 27, 2020
Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road
Each January, the community is invited to join with City Council, community leaders and staff for a celebration of recent accomplishments and a look ahead to what’s on the horizon in the coming year, at our annual State of the City Address, which includes a Community Fair and a formal presentation. Additional details of our 2020 State of the City Address will be shared soon. In the meantime, be sure to mark your calendar for Monday, January 27.

2019 Community Awards
Nomination Deadline: Monday, January 6, 2020
The City is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Community Awards Program, a popular highlight of the State of the City Address. We ask you to take a moment to reflect on the individuals and groups that you know who stood out for their good deeds in 2019, and to nominate them for one of the following award categories:

  • Business – recognizes an Upper Arlington business that is actively involved in the community through support and participation in community service projects, providing financial or in-kind support for various causes or events, or bringing other benefits to the community.
  • Community Enrichment – presented to an individual or group that has spearheaded or is involved in a project or program that enhances the City’s quality of life through the arts, education, recreation, cultural diversity or enhancement of the natural environment.
  • Community Safety – celebrates an individual or group involved in programming to raise awareness of or improve the overall health and safety of members of the community, or for a significant one-time act to help others in the community during a moment of need.
  • Senior – awarded to an individual who is actively involved in his/her community through volunteer service, taking a leadership or participatory role in community programs.
  • Youth Award – presented to a youth individual or group actively involved in volunteer service, or the participation in and development of community programs to benefit others.

Click here to download and complete a nomination form or click here to complete the form online.

Steve Shoeny

Steven R. Schoeny joined the City of Upper Arlington as City Manager on September 30, 2019.

A 13-year resident of Upper Arlington, Steve previously served as the Director of the City of Columbus’ Department of Development since the summer of 2013. During his tenure, the department implemented new planning principles that provide a consistent framework throughout the city, in collaboration with neighborhood leaders. He has spearheaded numerous economic development efforts that resulted in a net gain of more than one million square feet of Class A office space in Columbus. He led Columbus’ participation in the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s (MORPC) Corridor Concepts project, collaborating with eight regional municipalities around a shared vision of mobility. Steve also oversaw the creation of a proactive code enforcement system for the department, as well as a restructuring of various housing incentive programs to encourage mixed-income neighborhoods.

Prior to his role at Columbus, Steve led the economic development consulting practice for Ice Miller Whiteboard, providing strategic planning services to various municipalities and performing site selection, incentives negotiation and analysis for projects that included corporate headquarters, manufacturing sites and data centers. He also served as Director for the State of Ohio’s Strategic Business Investment Division, overseeing statewide economic development efforts including project and incentive negotiations, monitoring agreement compliance and business retention.

Steve has a Master of Public Management from the University of Maryland, School of Public Affairs, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and Economics from Ohio University. He is an Ohio University Voinovich School Distinguished Alumni recipient, a Columbus Business First Power 100 recipient, and a Rose Fellow from the National League of Cities/Urban Land Institute Daniel Rose Center. His community involvement includes: Board Member and Treasurer for CelebrateOne, Board Member for the Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation, and Board Member for Partners Achieving Community Transformation. He is actively involved in various Upper Arlington youth sports programs, including the Golden Bear Basketball Club, Kiwanis Soccer and Bear Cub Baseball.



Permit HolderValid UntilType / Description
Upper Arlington Baseball Boosters ClubFebruary 10, 2020Submarine Sandwiches
Weed Man ColumbusFebruary 17, 2020Lawn Care
Arlingtonian - UAHS MagazineMarch 11, 2020Donations for School Magazine
Girl Scouts of Ohio's HeartlandMarch 20, 2020Girl Scout Cookies
Edward JonesApril 30, 2020Financial Services
Last UpdatedJanuary 7, 2020


  1. Is a Peddling/Solicitation Permit required?
    • Any organization that is going door-to-door at private residences within the City of Upper Arlington in order to sell a good or service or solicit donations of any kind or size is required to obtain a Peddling/Solicitation Permit. Only one Permit is required per organization.
    • Canvassers who are going door-to-door with the sole purpose of distributing information are not required to obtain a Peddling/Solicitation Permit. If an organization does not obtain a Permit they are not allowed to solicit for donations at any time.
    • The permit does not provide permission to solicit where notice of No Solicitation or No Trespass has been provided by the property owner. This also applies to canvassing organizations not required to receive a permit.
  2. Application fee
    • There is a $50.00 application fee for a Peddling/Solicitation Permit. This must only be paid once per organization.
    • The application fee is waived for charitable, non-profit, or religious solicitation, with proof of non-profit status pursuant to Internal Revenue Code §501(C)(3).
    • If you are completing the application online via Viewpoint Cloud, this fee must be submitted in person at the time of the background check.
  3. Background check fees
    1. Background checks are required for any organization selling goods or services or soliciting donations of any kind.
    2. Every individual who will be going door-to-door must complete a background check.
    3. There is a background check fee for each individual who needs a background check. This fee is not waived for charitable, non-profit, or religious organizations that are soliciting donations or money for membership. This fee will need to be paid in person at the time of the background check. Amount of fee is dependent on residency.
  4. Documentation required
    1. Proof of non-profit status for fee waiver, if applicable.
    2. Copy of current, valid driver’s license and other current, valid, government-issued identification that includes your picture.
    3. Completed Application for Peddling/Solicitation Permit with accurate information and signature.
  5. Application procedures
    1. Submit an application online
      • Attach proof of non-profit status, if applicable. $50 fee must be paid at time of application.
    2. All individuals who will be going door-to-door must come in person to complete a background check. Each will be required to pay a background check fee with the submission of a background check application.
      • Application must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the commencement of business.
      • Permit expires 60 days after date of issuance.
  6. Municipal Code Sections
    1. Chapter 767 – Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers

No Solicitation Stickers

The City has made available free-of-charge two versions of a decal for use by residents. One states “No Solicitors/Peddlers” and is designed to dissuade individuals or entities wishing to sell a product or service. The second states “No Canvassers/Trespassers/Solicitors/Peddlers” and is designed to dissuade all such door-to-door activities. The decals can be obtained from the City Manager’s Office or the Police Division.



Activity/Event permits can be obtained in the City Manager’s Office. This permit is used for hosting a race/run on the streets of Upper Arlington. Contact the City Manager’s Office to confirm race date is available using the form below. Please apply at least 90 days prior to the event. There is a $100 application fee.


A Block Party Application & Petition Form may be filed for any day of the year. It should be filed with the City at least one week prior to the date of the block party. A $50.00 non-refundable fee is required for the issuance of a Block Party Permit, to cover the costs of application processing and advance drop-off and pick-up of the necessary barricades. For all rules and regulations click here.


Street Solicitation permits can be obtained in the City Manager’s Office.  C.O. 771 states that NOT LESS THAN 80 PERCENT OF THE FUNDS RAISED AS A RESULT OF THIS SOLICITATION WILL BE USED FOR THE CHARITABLE PURPOSE REPRESENTED. For more information, permit application and a listing of permitted intersections approved to solicit, please use the Contact Form below.  No fee for this permit.

Council Chambers
Council Chambers

Council Chambers

Council Committee Room

Council Committee Room

Lower Level Meeting Room 2

Lower Level Meeting Room 2

Lower Level Meeting Room

Lower Level Meeting Room

Council ChambersCouncil Committee RoomLower Level Meeting Room 2Lower Level Meeting Room

The City of Upper Arlington has five meeting spaces available for rental at the Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road, subject to availability. Reservations may be made up to 18 months in advance, with additional policies and regulations outlined on our Facility Rental Page. Reservation fees are non-refundable (unless your reservation is cancelled by the City).

Contact the City Manager’s Office for availability using the form below.


The City’s website is designed to provide 24/7 access to useful information about City departments, services, public meetings, special projects, events, legislation and more. If you are unable to find what you are looking for on this page or in our FAQ section, please complete the webform below. It will be directed straight to staff in the department listed above.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an emergency reporting system. Requests are addressed during regular work hours of 8 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday. If you need to report an emergency situation, please call 9-1-1.

I am interested in: (check all that apply - required)
Solicitation PermitStreet Solicitation PermitBlock Party PermitActivity-Event PermitRoom RentalContacting the City ManagerOther (Describe Below)

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